Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scenes from the past few days

I have a ton of pictures on my iphone so I figured I would put some on here and catch you up on what is going on around here. Honestly, not too much. We are kind of in limbo, waiting on some news, and it has us feeling restless. Praying that we hear today, one way or the other. I promise to update everyone when we know more. I know, I know, I'm being vague. Sorry! are a few pictures of what has been going on with us.

The other day we were at Target (duh!) and I finally decided to start potty training with Mady. She has honestly been asking for a few days and I just wasn't sure if either of us were truly ready. Well I figured we would buy the big girl underwear and see how it went. *I think I had a little bit too high expectations because she had been all about it* Big.Fat.Fail. We kept putting her on the potty with no success and then when she knew she needed to go, she would run in her room and pee on her floor in her princess underwear. The first time, ok. It was an accident. The second time, I knew girlfriend knew what she was doing and I was annoyed. So, we quit potty training for now. We will attempt again in a little while. Can you tell she is a little stubborn?!

These two pictures melt my heart. Now that I sit down and think about this past week, it has been a difficult one with Mady. Lots of whining, and being plain out mean, especially to Matt. For no real reason. She is all of a sudden so clingy to me again. The other night she wanted to play with daddy! They colored and then had a dance party to Mumford and Sons. It was so cute. They are my heart and soul. I love these two more than words.

Yesterday we headed to the mall to get a "mall pretzel" (as Mady says) and just walk around a little bit. We had no real agenda. We bought an outfit for Mady and a few things for Maci. Since she is a summer baby and my Mady girl was a fall baby their clothes are in opposite seasons and plus I wanted to pick something up just for Maci girl. Let the shopping begin! =)
 Mady loves watching "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on PBS and it really is such a cute show. Well yesterday he was having a sleep over so Mady decided she was going to have a sleep over as well with all her stuffed animals. It was so cute. I love watching her when she imaginary plays. I love hearing what she says and how she pretends. And yes, she is only in a diaper. We have this new thing where we love to be naked and run around like crazy (her words, not mine)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's a......

So on Friday Hubby and I went for our gender/anatomy scan. I was super nervous. I just wanted to make sure the baby was okay with how much I have been sick lately. As soon as she put the wand on my belly all my fears went away. She asked us if we wanted to know what we were having and I said YES! She also asked if we had an idea one way or another. We both said Boy but not with a lot of confidence. This pregnancy just has been so different than mine with Mady girl so I figured it must be a boy. Plus, I had countless dreams that it was a boy until the night before the ultrasound, I had a dream it was a girl. So really I had no idea. 

She could tell right away and asked us names. Then she wrote what it was on the ultrasound machine.

It's a......


A healthy and beautiful Maci Lee will be joining our family at the end of June! 

My hubby just laughed and had the biggest smile on his face. I know he was a little disappointed it wasn't a boy. But he is the best daddy to Mady. I always tell him it takes a very special man to have two daughters and I truly believe it does. He is going to be wonderful with both of them! 

I officially have yet to gain any weight. Actually I am still at -2 lbs from when I first got pregnant. But this baby...she has no problem gaining weight. She weighs 15 oz! Yeah, that is in the 97%! So basically, it is no big deal but they will do another growth scan at 32 weeks to make sure she is not 100 lbs. =)  She is also breech which is the way Mady was at 20 weeks too and never turned. So I must birth big, breech girl babies who then become this petite little girls. The breech thing doesn't worry me too much because I am already having a scheduled C-section but because Mady was breech, we dealt with hip dysplasia and was in a harness for her first 3 months. It was not fun at all but it is totally fixable. So, I am trying not to worry about that fact. 

So my Mady girl 

is going to be the best girl Sister to Maci Lee! 

We already can't wait to meet her and kiss her sweet face!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wow..its been a little while

I had no intentions of not writing for a few weeks but I guess that's life. I figured today I would give a little update on my Mady girl. She is just has been so fun and absolutley hilarious lately. She makes me laugh everyday, no matter my mood, she has that affect on me. I just adore her to pieces. I figured we would do this in bullet format. Gotta love me some lists! 

*Yesterday Mady and I went to Target to get some supplies for our valentines and for Mady to pick out something for Daddy. She decided she wanted to see how many people would give her high-fives. So, as people walked by she would say, "high-five?!" Oh my goodness. She is not shy at all. Eventually I told her to just say Hi to the people and that seemed to work. So silly.

*We were crafting yesterday. I was being the awesome mom and letting her play with markers, paint, pens, and a heart punch. I think the girl was in heaven, anyways, as we are sitting there she says, "Good Morning Class. Glad to see you today" I just looked at her and asked her what she said. She repeated herself and I just died laughing. She is so random and so funny. So for the rest of the day, she was teacher Mady.

*We had to go to the orthopedic doctor last Thursday for a check up on her hips. She is great, by the way. She LOVES going to the doctor. She was excited about it all day. When the Dr. finally walks in, Mady says, "What's up doctor. It's Me Mady" I just had to smile and shake my head. The doctor just laughed. Then we had to get X-rays done, and Mady told me she was "so escited" to get her x-rays done.

*We were at the park the other day and Mady totally knew what a telescope was. When I asked her where she learned that, she told me George. (Curious George) She is one smart little girl.

*She NEVER stops talking. All day. Every day. She amazes me everyday by telling me all the things she knows.

*She is also very polite. She saw a little girl at the park who had a minnie mouse sweatshirt on and Mady decided she wanted to be friends with this little girl so Mady walked up to her, shook her hand, and said "nice meet you!"

OK I think I bragged enough about my favorite little girl. I wish I could freeze time right now because she is just so much fun!