Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Moments

Here are some of the things that we have been doing lately....through my phone of course.

Mady likes to take her own purse when we go shopping now. Love it

Stupid shoes I bought cut up my ankles so badly. All we had was Toy Story band aids. Mady kept trying to take them off my ankle.

First Apple Crisp of the season. Deliciousness!

Pinterest Project. I think it came out cute. I probably could have done a better job. However, painting Mady feet lead to finger painting which led to a big mess but oh so much fun!

I wasn't sure if she was sleeping or not because I couldn't see her face so I took a picture and sure enough, she was sleeping. Nothing cuter than a sleeping!

I needed to take a picture of Mady in this shirt for a project for my dad's birthday. I think I took about 20 before I got a semi decent one where she wasn't moving or being crazy. She loves her papa so much!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mady Update

I figured since we are on the edge of a two year old, I would give a little update on our precious, crazy, spunky goobie girl.

*When I took her to Urgent Care, they weighed her on the big scale with all her clothes and shoes on and she weighted 24 lbs. I think it is more in the 23 lb mark but that is a 2 lb weight gain which makes me happy!

*She still loves, loves, loves Curious George and she knows all of the character. She amazes me with the details she retains. She particularly loves Hundley and usually screams his name when he comes on.

*She is a momma's girl through and through still. We are working on that because as much as I love it, it can be a little too much sometimes.

*She still wakes up from her nap super cranky. You need to give her about 10-15 minutes to truly wake up. Otherwise, watch out!

*She loves to help me cook in the kitchen. She will pull a chair from the table into the kitchen so she can help. 

*She has been getting up for the day anywhere from 4:45-5:30. Ugh. Sleep regression at its finest. We are working on it!

*Like I said earlier, she amazes me with how much she retains. Like little details of things. Matt's mom gave us a picnic basket and every time Mady sees it, she says "Mom Mom". She does stuff like that all the time. 

*She loves to be outside and would if she could all day long! She particularly loves "outside chalk" or sidewalk chalk in regular speak.

*She still loves "shaka shakas" (milkshakes)

*She talks like crazy all day long.

*She was deemed the mischievous child in the bible study daycare. Awesome. 

*She has the biggest and most beautiful smile.

*She is starting to get scared of things. It kind of makes me sad. She used to be so carefree, and still is, for the most part but I can see the fear starting to creep in. She saw a episode of who else but George, where he was afraid of the dark or monster and now she says monster and gets scared. 

*This girl loves candles. Like for real. It is bad. She will freak out if she cannot play with my votives. Girlfriend is obsessed!
(I totally had a video and pictures but I don't know where they went!)

*She is the most special blessing I have ever received.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Ramblings

Happy Tuesday!

*We are weening Mady off her paci. God Help Us! She may have it at bed time and nap time but no more during the day. I am kind of dreading this process but I know it is important. We have a lot of big changes coming up with her such as big girl bed and potty training within the next 6 months to year so I figured we would get the attachment to the paci out of the way. Seriously though, she scares me when she can't get her way especially when she wants her nights nights and she wants them NOW!

*On another Mady note, she slept until 6:45 today! I don't think you understand how exciting that she. You see, she has been getting up, lately, anywhere from 4:45 to 5:15. It makes for one tired and grumpy momma. It was so nice to wake up before her today and feel refreshed! Yay Mady, let's keep this going!!

*I got a cake pop maker for my birthday last year and I have just used it for the first time this week. I never had enough room to bring it out or store it so it just stayed in the box in the corner of the closet. Well this week I saw a recipe for Apple Cider Donut Holes. My favorite! They were soooo delicious. Mady and I ate them right up! Plus, wow I love that thing. So easy and done in 3 minutes!

Sorry can't get the picture to change.

* Matt and I decided to go to NJ for Mady's birthday (Nov 2) instead of Thanksgiving. It just means more to me that Mady has people to celebrate her birthday than Thanksgiving. I hate that I even have to make a choice but such is our life right now. I am excited though even though we are keeping it very small and just immediate family. I know she will be spoiled and loved beyond measure. 

*Mady knows 3 of her shapes. That is all she is interested in. It is kind of funny how she says their names. She knows circle, triangle, and heart. Colors and numbers forget it. Oh except 5 and 6. She loves to count just 5 and 6 over and over. =)

*I am having a hard time deciding what to get Mady for her birthday because there are so many things I want to get her!! I need to watch the price as well. She loves her Toy Story busy book so I am thinking the princess busy book and a few other small things. I know she will love whatever we get her but it is the crazy mom in me. I just want to get her everything!

*I finally decided to hang some pictures and things around the apartment. A little late, I know. It was just one of those spur of the moment, let's get this done, things. It makes it so much more cozy in here. I want to create a gallery wall in our hallway but that might have to wait a while. We will see. I just love seeing pictures of my favorite people around the house.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Creating Memories at the Park

Today was just a fun and low key day. My favorite kind.

I am not the type who thrives off of busy-ness . Actually the opposite.

It was Matt's day off from work and beautiful weather outside that it made for a perfect park day. High 60's/low 70's

Just enough chill for a little jacket...

We had a fun morning playing with Mady and letting her run wild. Her favorite thing to do.

Time for a picture overload. Because I absolutely love them.

 Oh this picture...these two...Gah! I love them

 That smile...

 Love her.

 My favorite little buddy

 My world revolves around these two

 Loves the slide especially when Mommy goes down too!

Driving the "beep beep"

I know there are so many more fun memories coming up. Pumpkin Patch next weekend. AH! Yay!!!

Happy Monday! =)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday!

I love Sunday's during the Fall.

Church, Football, Yummy Food, cuddles with the little girl, and finally able to spend time with the hubby once the goob is asleep.

Just had to share this picture of our sweet girl. I swear she steals my heart more and more each day. I love her to the moon and back!

I mean seriously?! She looks so old to me here. I cannot believe she will be two in about a month and half.

I love you Madelyn Grace. Always.and.Forever!

Friday, September 21, 2012

What I am looking forward to this Fall!

Since tomorrow is the first day of fall (even though it will be 85 here...ugh!), I thought I would write a list of the things I am most excited for this fall!

1. Pumpkin/Apple Picking! I think this is the one thing I am most excited about. Like overly excited, jump up and down excited! I took Mady last year to do both. Matt was still deployed during these lovely fall months so I am excited for him to get to do these little activities he missed out on last year. Plus, Mady is at such a fun age that I know she will have a blast. I think I am a little too excited though!! =)

 Apple Picking Sept 2011

1st hayride and pumpkin patch. October 2011

2. Sunday Afternoons involving football, yummy food/dessert, and family time. Years past, when we lived near by parents, we would almost always go over their house for family, food and football. I loved it. But since we live a little too far away to make it a weekly thing, I am excited to do the same thing with my little family. I look forward to Sunday's in the Fall so much because I love all 3 of those things mentioned above.
Go Eagles! October 2011

3. Delicious food! I have already made my first pumpkin pie and it was delicious! I'm looking forward to soups, chicken pot pie, stews, pies, apple cider donuts, and apple crisp. So yummy! (I have pictures on my phone of some of the stuff I made recently but I am too lazy to upload them on the computer)

4.Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mady's birthday, and My birthday! Yes, I know, poor hubby. I love holidays and I love traditions. They make me smile! So many more memories to make! (and let's be honest, pictures to take!)

 Isn't that the cutest pumpkin you ever did see?!

1st birthday. November 2, 2011

5. Decorating for Fall. I love making my home feel all fall-ish and cozy. Pumpkins, candy corns, pops of oranges, red, and yellow. Love it! Unfortunately, with little curious hands, I have to watch what I can put out because someone will play with them/break them. Plus, I love burning all of my fall candles.

I absolutely love Fall! I'm sure you couldn't tell from this post!

What is your favorite thing about Fall?!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Now I know why

I called my mom (surprise, surprise) this morning as I was leaving the grocery store with the crazy girl in tow and exclaimed, "Now I know why there are candy-free aisles in the grocery store!"

She just laughed and said, "It is funny the little things you learn when you become a mom" and then asked what goobie doob did now?

So true.

Little candy-free aisles are a must!

Now, it is not because crazy girl wants to eat the candy. Not at all. Girlfriend would rather eat grapes which is fine by me.

But rather pick up while I am trying to load the groceries onto the conveyer belt, all the while, sayings, "Mady No!", "Mady, put it back"

And the cashier lady is chuckling under her breathe. I am sure she has been there before. 

Oh...and also Mady likes to attempt to climb onto the conveyer belt.

Always a fun time.

She makes me laugh and smile all while wanting to pull my hair out at the same time.

Just a little piece of mommy wisdom I learned today.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching up again

I really didn't mean to take another, almost week, off from writing. But life happens and we have been somewhat busy. Here's what we have been up to.

*I went to bible study last Wednesday morning. Didn't know a single person and it turned out better than I could have hoped. A couple of sweet ladies befriended me right away and were very interested in getting to know me. Everyone was super nice and welcoming. Mady and I go back tomorrow. I am still a little apprehensive but tomorrow we actually start the study so I am excited about that. Plus, Mady loves going too.

*Thursday morning, Mady and I packed up and headed to Jersey until Monday morning. Matt had to work extremely long hours this weekend and we would not have saw him at all. So, he suggested we go to Jersey to spend time with some of our favorite people. And we did just that. It was a perfect Fall weekend in Jersey, and the only thing keeping me from stay there is my hubby. It is still so hard to leave.

*While, we were visiting my mom and dad. Mady got sick. So, we took our first trip to Urgent Care. I could not be more happy with their service. So nice! Turns out she had a yeast and ear infection. Double Whammy for my poor girl. A prescription for antibiotics and a cream and we were on our way. She had a fever the whole time we were at my parents but, for the most part, was in a pretty pleasant mood.
This is right before we went to Urgent Care

*On Saturday, Mom, Mady and I went to the annual craft fair in Pitman. We have gone for about 5 years now or more. It is funny how we have evolved because we first starting going when I was engaged, then married, and then I went when I was 8 months pregnant with Mady, and when she was almost a one year old, and now almost a 2 year old. Crazy. It was really busy and packed but we managed to buy a few things. It was a fun morning to spend with two of my most favorite people in this world.

Hangin' out in the stroller, eating a pretzel with some attitude.

*One thing I love about going to my parents is the wagon. They got her  a wagon for her first birthday and we ended up just kepting it up there. We love going for walks in the wagon. I love where my parents live, and there is always kids playing outside or other people walking. It just feels so homey. Plus, the weather was perfect for a walk before bed time which I think we did every night.

 Showing me her piece of grass
Skipping with Nana.

*Overall, we had a wonderful time and were able to visit with some wonderful people. Especially Jason and Shannon. I just love them! Plus, Shannon and I were able to have some girl talk which was so desperately needed on my end. =)

*There is so much more to say about our wonderful weekend but I'll just leave it at that. 

*Today has been a clean, organized, regroup, and purge day. It has been somewhat successful so far. But now it is cloudy and raining and I just want to cuddle on the couch and do nothing. 

Happy Tuesday!!! =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have thought about whether or not I should write this post and put it out there for the world to see. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to share true, raw emotions. But, nevertheless here I am sharing my heart.

I have a huge fear.


Major, major, all consuming fear. Like, can't stop thinking about every situation or circumstance that might happen.

I am an introvert at heart. I love my family. Matt and my mom, I consider, my best friends. Obviously, I feel comfortable with them and share everything with them. They know and love me for me. They are my comfort.

But when it comes to meeting new people and having a connection or a friendship, I fear they will not like me for me or will judge me in some way.

Because let's be honest, moms and women are harsh. They really and truly are.

I have had a lot of disappointment and rejection lately. Well, really, since moving to a new state, and not know a single person besides my little family. I have put myself out there in many different areas, and have been rejected or let down more times than I can count.

It is hard and so discouraging. You start to wonder if it is you? Should I have said that? Maybe I should have worn jeans instead of yoga pants? Did I say thank you enough? Was my child polite to their children? It makes you become a crazy person.

So, a few weeks ago I signed up for a bible study at my church. It starts today, and I am scared. I know not one single person. Here, I am putting myself out there again and trusting and praying that the Lord will make me feel comfortable and help me overcome this fear I have.

Because, honestly, I have thought about not going. But then I think how much of a disappointment I would feel if I didn't. Plus, Mady LOVES going to "chirch" and I know she will have a fantastic time and she needs that time away from me, playing with other kiddos.

I hate this fear I have. I hate it so very much. I don't want to let it consume me anymore.

So, I am praying that today will go better than I think it will.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tickets! Tickets!

So, yesterday Matt and I met up with some new friends at Chuck E Cheese. It was their son's birthday today, and they were celebrating a day early since her hubby is leaving (He's in the Navy) and invited us along.

Honestly, I had a cranky attitude. I haven't been feeling well and just woke up from a nap and not in the best of moods. Plus, I didn't know if Mady would really enjoy it or what it was like now. I hadn't been to Chuck E Cheese in many, many years.

I'm glad we went.

At first, like usual, Mady was super hesitant. A lot of loud noises, lots of activity. She kepts saying "Mommy cuddle" and would not let go of my hand.

Finally, she warmed up and had a fun time just running around. I think Matt and I had more fun playing the games and winning the tickets which she loved to carry around and kept saying, "Tickets! Tickets!"

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

A little hesitant

 Daddy trying to show Mady how fun the games are

 She would rather just play with the tokens than play the games

 Finally, a dance game. She broke it down!

 And so did Daddy, to the ABC song. =)

 Wack a Mole! Go Mady!

 She loved skeeball. However, she would take the balls and run away with them or just throw them up the ramp and have them almost hit someone or something but she loved it!

Look at her. One hand on the wheel and another one shifting the gears. She loves cars.

We had a really great time with Mady and some new friends. So glad we went!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Moments

I just went to upload pictures from my camera onto the computer and realized it has been a long time since I uploaded any so I figured I would do a "little moments" post today. Because really, I have some super cute pictures of the Mady girl. And I want to remember the little things....because honestly it is the little things that mean the most. =)

Mady really likes to hide from us now which can be so cute but not when we are trying to go somewhere and I find her in her toy bucket "trying" to hide. 

Mady and I had craft night one night while Matt was working. I actually was not OCD and let her put the stickers where ever she wanted. I helped a little because lets be honest, girlfriend lost interest after a few minutes. 

This picture makes me smile because she wanted me to take her pictures with her Pooh Bear. So cute. 

Typical Panera lunch after church on Sunday. Playing with my wallet to keep entertained.

Mady and I on the last pool days of summer. So sad to see the pool closed! Especially since the last few days here have been in the 90's!

I love this picture of her. She looks so big. 

Since Matt is working the night shift and sleeping in the morning/afternoon, I have tried to find things for Mady and I to do so Daddy gets some peace and quiet sleep. The last few days we headed to the park. It's so nice to go there now since she is so independent and I am not climbing all over the playground with her and trying to fit into spaces that are not meant for adults. She loves it and it makes her smile!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Am I not doing enough...?

I have been struggling lately on whether or not I am doing enough for Mady. In all areas of her life. Is she playing enough? Being social enough? Active enough? Eating enough? Sleeping enough? Is she too spoiled? So many things come to mind when I think about this.

Man, being a mom is hard.

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other night about vastly different today's moms are compared to when my mom was a young mom with young kids.

She didn't send me to preschool until I was 4 which is what I thought was normal. Now, mom's send their children to preschool/mom's day out as young as 2. Am I not doing enough for Mady? Does she need that? If she does, I don't want to be holding her back.

However, after talking it over with my mom, I realized no, she does not need that right now. I can teach her the things she will learn in those programs. I can teach her shapes, and numbers, and colors, and her abc's in a fun, "non" learning way. Mady will go to preschool when she is 4. And I am sure she will be ready for it and love it.

But for right now, we can go on play dates, and to the park, and participate in different activities. She is a social butterfly. She does not need a program to teach her social skills. She is rocking it in that department.

Then, I see mom's doing flash cards with their kids. Again, am I not doing enough? Do I need to sit down with her for a certain amount of time during the day and teach her in a structured manner?

Again, the answer is no. Mady is not the type to sit down and "play" flash cards with me. She likes to run around and explore so I use that to my advantage and teach her things along the way.

I teach her in ways that work for Mady. Like when we play sidewalk chalk, we draw shapes and talk about what shapes we drew. Or when we are walking to the car, and we count to 10. Or we sing songs in the car, like the abc song.

I need to remember that I need to do what is best for my child. Not what every other mom is doing. Because, they have their own children and they can parent the way they see fit. Parenting comes in different varieties and forms.

It is one thing about the blogging/mommy world I don't like. The judging. The one up-ing. The comparison.

Because honestly, no two kids are alike.

And I need to remember that.

Do I knock mom's who choose to send their children to a preschool setting at the age of 2, absolutely not. They are doing what is best for their family.

Do I knock mom's who choose to do flash cards with their children. Again, absolutely not. Their children may love it and enjoy doing those activities.

We all just have to keep in mind what is best for our families and children.

But man, it is not easy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Random post for you on this Wednesday morning. I like to just document the everyday random happenings around here.

-Can someone explain to my lovely daughter that 5:15 am is not the best time to scream from your crib because you want to get up?! These early mornings are killing me!

-Matt started a new shift at work. The overnight shift. Which means I have to get up with Mady every morning because he is just getting home from work about the time she is getting up. I am excited though because he is here for dinner and bed time routine. I am praying this is a better fit for my family. 

-I don't know how much more Curious George I can take! However, I love Curious George because Mady actually sits still during the show and I can things done without her hanging all over me, wanting to always help. Which don't get me wrong, is super cute, but not everyday, all the time.

-I signed up for Bible study at church. I said I would do it and I did. I am nervous and excited all that I same time. 

-I have been to Target the past 3 days in a row. There is always something I forget and Target is literally one minute away. They probably think I am the crazy lady who is always at Target. 

-I am excited for Mady's 2nd birthday coming up in 2 months! Last year, I was dreading her first birthday and really just wanted to get the day over with. I think it was because Matt wasn't home for it and I felt sad about that but this exciting! We are having a ice cream theme party because this child of mine, loves "chocolate chocolate" which translates to ice cream. 

 Enjoying her shake from Sonic. She is one spoiled little girl.

-Mady LOVES to cuddle now and I LOVE it. It's so cute. We usually sit on the couch, in the morning, all cuddled up, watching what else, but George.

-Mady is talking up a storm. Seriously. Everyday she is putting new words together and actually trying to form sentences. This morning, she already asked for "go outside, color, chalk" which means sidewalk chalk outside which I don't think our neighbors would love that idea since she asked at 6:45 in the morning. 

She is probably yelling at me for something. 

-The tantrums we have been dealing with are out of control though. She had a huge tantrum last night because we would not let her stand on one of the chairs to eat her dinner. Oh and because we took the salt shaker away after she attempted to crawl on the table to get it. I don't think so girlfriend. 

-I think I have a baking problem. I cant stop! Pumpkin pie, chocolate chip muffins, cheerio treats! Ah!

-And I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the little girl.

Love the bed head and sunglasses from Nana. 

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

Yay! It's September! The beginning of the most wonderful time of year! We have been busy and having lots of fun lately. The house is decorated. The fall candles are bought and burning. And I have been cooking and baking away in the kitchen. I love it all!

We have had a busy and fun past weekend, and sadly I only took 2 pictures! Sad, I know. My momma surprised me and drove down here on Friday afternoon and stayed until this morning! I was so excited when she told me she was on her way down, and don't be surprised if I shed a tear or two. Needless to say, we have had a blast with Nana in town and Mady was beyond excited to see her.

Friday, since she got down here around 3ish, we just headed to the pool for a little while and played with Mady and talked, talked, talked. I love being able to have face to face conversations with my momma. It is something I definitely took for granted all those years she was literally 20 minutes away. It was so nice to just relax and watch Mady enjoy her Nana. She didn't get to bed until almost 9 o'clock! We decided to make a quick trip to Target to get some treats around 8:30 and Mady was just so tired and had a huge meltdown so needless to say we didn't get anything. Poor girl, I pushed it a little too much.

Mady and Nana swimming in the last summer pool days

Saturday morning, Mady was up bright and early so we decided to walk to Dunkin to get some donuts and iced tea/coffee. You have to understand my mom, she is in the process for losing weight and she is doing awesome! She loves to walk, and walk fast. I miscalculated how far the Dunkin was. I kept saying, "it's right around the corner" and it never was. haha. After a half hour, we made it! Except, we had to walk back! Ugh. I was drenched in sweat and so tired by the time we got back. Those kind of walks are normal for my, not so much. But, I did it.

Matt still had work, so he headed to work and we spent the day going to the pool, and shopping.Yankee Candle was having a great sale so my mom stocked up on votives. Mady, for some reason, was obessed with the candles and cried huge crocodile tears when we had to pay. Once, she got her bag of candles back, she was fine. She came home and played with those candles for the rest of the night. It was too funny. She was having a rough day. Her 2 year old molars are coming in and she did not take a good nap but we managed. Thank goodness for Nana!

Sunday we were able to show mom the church that we love down here. She also got to witness how much Mady loves going to "chirch." Then we headed to Virginia Beach boardwalk area. We have not been there since we moved down here. I stayed in the area about 4 years ago when Matt and I were engaged and he was in "A" school for the Navy. So funny to reminiscence about those times. We ate at a yummy breakfast buffet and Mady chatted with everyone she could. It is crazy how many people come up to me and comment on how beautiful and friendly she is. It always brings a smile to my face.

Mady went down for a 3 hour nap when we got home and Mom and I headed to Target, yet again. I needed stupid stuff like laundry detergent and paper towels. I miss doing these little shopping trips with my mom. We always used to go shopping together when I lived in NJ. So many things I miss but that one is a big one. Mom told Matt and I we had to go on a date while she was here and we did not object. We headed to the mall to return something before dinner and of course it starts down pour raining. So, we just ate at Ruby Tuesday's which was attached to the mall. It was so nice not to rush through dinner and actually LOOK at the menu. And Mady was, of course, thrilled to spend time with her Nana. Both Mady and I adore my mom to pieces.

One Jersey girl teaching another Jersey girl how to pump gas. =)

Sadly, she had to head home today. We all miss her already and wish my dad could have made the trip with her. Back to reality tomorrow. The hubby is starting a new shift, the overnight shift, which will actually work a lot better for us. I am anxious to see how things go and pray that he is able to get enough sleep.

Happy Labor Day!