Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tickets! Tickets!

So, yesterday Matt and I met up with some new friends at Chuck E Cheese. It was their son's birthday today, and they were celebrating a day early since her hubby is leaving (He's in the Navy) and invited us along.

Honestly, I had a cranky attitude. I haven't been feeling well and just woke up from a nap and not in the best of moods. Plus, I didn't know if Mady would really enjoy it or what it was like now. I hadn't been to Chuck E Cheese in many, many years.

I'm glad we went.

At first, like usual, Mady was super hesitant. A lot of loud noises, lots of activity. She kepts saying "Mommy cuddle" and would not let go of my hand.

Finally, she warmed up and had a fun time just running around. I think Matt and I had more fun playing the games and winning the tickets which she loved to carry around and kept saying, "Tickets! Tickets!"

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

A little hesitant

 Daddy trying to show Mady how fun the games are

 She would rather just play with the tokens than play the games

 Finally, a dance game. She broke it down!

 And so did Daddy, to the ABC song. =)

 Wack a Mole! Go Mady!

 She loved skeeball. However, she would take the balls and run away with them or just throw them up the ramp and have them almost hit someone or something but she loved it!

Look at her. One hand on the wheel and another one shifting the gears. She loves cars.

We had a really great time with Mady and some new friends. So glad we went!

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