Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Ramblings

Happy Tuesday!

*We are weening Mady off her paci. God Help Us! She may have it at bed time and nap time but no more during the day. I am kind of dreading this process but I know it is important. We have a lot of big changes coming up with her such as big girl bed and potty training within the next 6 months to year so I figured we would get the attachment to the paci out of the way. Seriously though, she scares me when she can't get her way especially when she wants her nights nights and she wants them NOW!

*On another Mady note, she slept until 6:45 today! I don't think you understand how exciting that she. You see, she has been getting up, lately, anywhere from 4:45 to 5:15. It makes for one tired and grumpy momma. It was so nice to wake up before her today and feel refreshed! Yay Mady, let's keep this going!!

*I got a cake pop maker for my birthday last year and I have just used it for the first time this week. I never had enough room to bring it out or store it so it just stayed in the box in the corner of the closet. Well this week I saw a recipe for Apple Cider Donut Holes. My favorite! They were soooo delicious. Mady and I ate them right up! Plus, wow I love that thing. So easy and done in 3 minutes!

Sorry can't get the picture to change.

* Matt and I decided to go to NJ for Mady's birthday (Nov 2) instead of Thanksgiving. It just means more to me that Mady has people to celebrate her birthday than Thanksgiving. I hate that I even have to make a choice but such is our life right now. I am excited though even though we are keeping it very small and just immediate family. I know she will be spoiled and loved beyond measure. 

*Mady knows 3 of her shapes. That is all she is interested in. It is kind of funny how she says their names. She knows circle, triangle, and heart. Colors and numbers forget it. Oh except 5 and 6. She loves to count just 5 and 6 over and over. =)

*I am having a hard time deciding what to get Mady for her birthday because there are so many things I want to get her!! I need to watch the price as well. She loves her Toy Story busy book so I am thinking the princess busy book and a few other small things. I know she will love whatever we get her but it is the crazy mom in me. I just want to get her everything!

*I finally decided to hang some pictures and things around the apartment. A little late, I know. It was just one of those spur of the moment, let's get this done, things. It makes it so much more cozy in here. I want to create a gallery wall in our hallway but that might have to wait a while. We will see. I just love seeing pictures of my favorite people around the house.

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