Monday, September 24, 2012

Creating Memories at the Park

Today was just a fun and low key day. My favorite kind.

I am not the type who thrives off of busy-ness . Actually the opposite.

It was Matt's day off from work and beautiful weather outside that it made for a perfect park day. High 60's/low 70's

Just enough chill for a little jacket...

We had a fun morning playing with Mady and letting her run wild. Her favorite thing to do.

Time for a picture overload. Because I absolutely love them.

 Oh this picture...these two...Gah! I love them

 That smile...

 Love her.

 My favorite little buddy

 My world revolves around these two

 Loves the slide especially when Mommy goes down too!

Driving the "beep beep"

I know there are so many more fun memories coming up. Pumpkin Patch next weekend. AH! Yay!!!

Happy Monday! =)

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  1. I'm a new follower =) I saw your comment on Joeylee's page at Sweet & Sassy girls! Your little girl is adorable! =)


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