Thursday, September 20, 2012

Now I know why

I called my mom (surprise, surprise) this morning as I was leaving the grocery store with the crazy girl in tow and exclaimed, "Now I know why there are candy-free aisles in the grocery store!"

She just laughed and said, "It is funny the little things you learn when you become a mom" and then asked what goobie doob did now?

So true.

Little candy-free aisles are a must!

Now, it is not because crazy girl wants to eat the candy. Not at all. Girlfriend would rather eat grapes which is fine by me.

But rather pick up while I am trying to load the groceries onto the conveyer belt, all the while, sayings, "Mady No!", "Mady, put it back"

And the cashier lady is chuckling under her breathe. I am sure she has been there before. 

Oh...and also Mady likes to attempt to climb onto the conveyer belt.

Always a fun time.

She makes me laugh and smile all while wanting to pull my hair out at the same time.

Just a little piece of mommy wisdom I learned today.

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