Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Random post for you on this Wednesday morning. I like to just document the everyday random happenings around here.

-Can someone explain to my lovely daughter that 5:15 am is not the best time to scream from your crib because you want to get up?! These early mornings are killing me!

-Matt started a new shift at work. The overnight shift. Which means I have to get up with Mady every morning because he is just getting home from work about the time she is getting up. I am excited though because he is here for dinner and bed time routine. I am praying this is a better fit for my family. 

-I don't know how much more Curious George I can take! However, I love Curious George because Mady actually sits still during the show and I can things done without her hanging all over me, wanting to always help. Which don't get me wrong, is super cute, but not everyday, all the time.

-I signed up for Bible study at church. I said I would do it and I did. I am nervous and excited all that I same time. 

-I have been to Target the past 3 days in a row. There is always something I forget and Target is literally one minute away. They probably think I am the crazy lady who is always at Target. 

-I am excited for Mady's 2nd birthday coming up in 2 months! Last year, I was dreading her first birthday and really just wanted to get the day over with. I think it was because Matt wasn't home for it and I felt sad about that but this exciting! We are having a ice cream theme party because this child of mine, loves "chocolate chocolate" which translates to ice cream. 

 Enjoying her shake from Sonic. She is one spoiled little girl.

-Mady LOVES to cuddle now and I LOVE it. It's so cute. We usually sit on the couch, in the morning, all cuddled up, watching what else, but George.

-Mady is talking up a storm. Seriously. Everyday she is putting new words together and actually trying to form sentences. This morning, she already asked for "go outside, color, chalk" which means sidewalk chalk outside which I don't think our neighbors would love that idea since she asked at 6:45 in the morning. 

She is probably yelling at me for something. 

-The tantrums we have been dealing with are out of control though. She had a huge tantrum last night because we would not let her stand on one of the chairs to eat her dinner. Oh and because we took the salt shaker away after she attempted to crawl on the table to get it. I don't think so girlfriend. 

-I think I have a baking problem. I cant stop! Pumpkin pie, chocolate chip muffins, cheerio treats! Ah!

-And I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the little girl.

Love the bed head and sunglasses from Nana. 

Happy Wednesday!!

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