Saturday, March 31, 2012

The horrible neighbors next door...

AH! I wasn't planning on posting anything today but something just happened and I need to vent! I really really despise our neighbors. We have only lived here 2 months and we have had so many issues with them. I will list a few...

The first few nights we were here, their 21 year old son was playing their music super loud, like could sing every work loud, at 4 in the MORNING. So, Matt went over, knocked on their door, and asked them nicely if they could turn it down. The guy gave him an attitude and he never really turned it down.

We have complained about them 3 more times since. I never complain about how loud they are in the middle of the day....only! when it is in the middle of the night and my baby is sleeping and my husband needs to get up early to head to work.

Well today, I had the window open and was in the kitchen baking cookies when I overhear them talking about us. Of course, I proceeded to stand by the window and listen to their conversation. I wish now I would have shut the window and walked away.

They talked about Matt and used a few choice words in describing him, and then continued to say how we abuse our child. EXCUSE ME?! I was shaking at this point. (The mom was now talking about us.) I didn't know if I should go outside and say something but I didn't want to cause further problems. I am so upset.

If you know me and Matt at all, you know how much we love our Mady. We would never do anything to hurt her. I know its not true what they said but it bothers me to think that someone thinks I abuse our daughter. (Because we yell at her loudly....I guess they never yelled at their son or got upset with him?)

I don't want these people to know anything about us. Of course, I will still discipline Madelyn but now I will make sure I do it more quietly. I don't want them to think they have anything on us. Because they are kind of people who I just don't trust.

Stupid neighbors...only 10 more months of this. Or Maybe they will do us all a favor and MOVE!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Randoms

I figured I would be random on Fridays just about the different happenings this week. (Plus as I said before, love, love, love lists!) Here we go...

*The hubby came home from work last night at 9:30. He went upstairs to change and put on jeans. I was quite perplexed. However, he is known to do this often. He says jeans are comfy....I kindly disagree.

*I was changing Mady's diaper before bed last night and she deliberately pushed out a fart and then continued to say "fart". I couldn't help but laugh. I did explain that little girls don't talk like that. (Like she understood what I meant!)

* I can't wait until I get my Target gift card in the mail! We were able to cash in some credit card points for it. I have had my eye on some super cute nail polish!   **Just got the mail! It came!! Heading to our favorite store later with the one and only goob!!**

Essie-To Buy or Not to Buy!

*I am super sad we aren't able to spend Easter with our extended family. Matt's schedule and gas prices just dont't allow for that this year! I am super excited, however, to be cooking for my special little family!

*Mady went down for a super early nap today. This means a long afternoon ahead for the momma!

* I think I call my mom about a million times a day! For real! Good thing she loves me so much! =)

* Speaking of my mom, she spoils Mady beyond measure! She is her only grandbaby...who can blame her?!

Nana and her Mady. =)

*I put Toy Story on for Mady this morning. She actually sat and watched it! YAY! This momma can only take so much of Elmo, Sid, Big Bird, Veggie name a few!

*We go to the park almost everyday. We live in an apartment complex and the people around us don't pick up their dog "stuff" so I don't take her outside. Makes me super annoyed because it would be so convenient to just walk out our backdoor.

*I love, love, love holidays and making special treats for the people in my family! I am super excited to put together Mady's Easter basket this year. I didn't do one last year because she was only 5 months old. This year however, she has a few 5.00 dollar DVDs from Target, marshmallows, play dough, and a book! Even the hubby has a small Easter basket!

*Speaking of Easter and Pinterest. I made these for our family members for Easter! Super cute and super easy to do!

Simply a mason jar with different candy layered in it. Then cut out a cute Easter shape...and wala!

OK. I think it is time for this momma to start reading the Hunger games second book and rest a little bit! Wahoo!!

Happy Thursday!