Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catch up day

Today I need to catch up on cleaning, organizing, and random things around the house. I feel so behind. It has been a busy past couple of days and today I am locking Mady and I inside and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! UGH! I wish it was a rainy, crappy day around here so it wouldn't be such torture to stay inside. Oh well...the cleaning must get done!

Hopefully this is the kind of little girl I will have today...a helper!

The things on my list today:

  • Laundry ( 2 loads)
  • Cleaning the Kitchen Floor/Foyer
  • Vacuum upstairs/down
  • Dust downstairs
  • Clean out diaper bag from disaster day yesterday
  • Go through Mady's winter clothes and put them away
And if I am on a roll maybe I will organize the only storage closet we have...that is a big, huge maybe though!

I think that sounds like enough to get done in one day. We'll see how much of that I actually get done with a toddler who is also getting her pointy teeth! Poor baby!

Off to cleaning land I go! 

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