Saturday, March 10, 2012

A long night, drill weekend, and the goob!

It has been a long night in the Arnold household. Mady was up quite a few times last night still not feeling well and Matt had to work until 1 am then get up for drill this morning. Matt is US Navy Reservist so therefore duty calls one weekend a month. So it is just me and the little girl again today. I feel so bad for the hubby. He is so tired and we are all kind of cranky...except for the goob of course.

Usually drill weekends consisted of Mady and I heading over to my parents for some fun with Nana and Pop Pop but since we live in Virginia now, we have to find some other way to past the time this weekend. Honestly, not looking forward to it but attitude needs a changing! Hopefully Mady will start to feel better today and her fever will break! Praying for that.

Since this blog was mostly intended to keep track of my ever changing goob, I'll share a little bit about her. She is 16 months and has a crazy amount of energy. She never sits still for more than a few minutes! She now loves to sit on the couch like a big girl. She loves my iPhone and scrolls through the pictures like a pro and even knows how to turn on the videos we have taken of her. She calls herself "D" and most babies as well. She is very much a momma's girl but loves her Dada tons. The smile on her face when she sees him when he walks in the door from work is priceless. When she wants to get Matt's attention and he is upstairs, she usually calls up the stairs for "Maaaaaaaaaaat" (Matt). Too funny! She walks around pretending to talk on the phone when I am. She likes to pretend to do her hair with my hair dryer when we are upstairs hanging out. We usually spend the day with either Elmo or Sid the Science Kid on the TV.  She is an absolute joy to be around and brings so many smiles to so many people's face.

I mean how can you not love this girl to pieces!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her!

Well, off to tend to the goob!

xoxo Meg

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