Friday, March 23, 2012

Matt's Life: A Summary

Right now, I'm in the absolute best position ever; reclining on my chocolate-brown, 2-month old couch.  Funny story about this couch...we bought it because mold infected our previous couch while it was in storage.  But from this couch, I get to watch my crazy daughter sprint from one side of the room to another.  I get to listen to my wife tell me about the next great recipe she is going to try out.  I also get to read this phenomenal blog she has started and collaborate with her once in a while.  I'm loving this couch.

I enjoy the simple things in life.  For instance, the iPad 2 seems pretty awesome, but right now, I'm learning to appreciate what I have.  Last year, my family life turned upside down in so many ways, and right now (from my awesome couch), I'm totally enjoying personal interaction with the two girls I love the most.  I'm enjoying the fact that although I don't really make a salary that allows me to save money, I have a job in an economy with 9 % unemployment (I round up).  Also, despite the fact that I'm spending a fortune in rent, I'm loving the chance to go to the beach tomorrow and chase my crazy child around while she picks up seashells.  Although I'm driving around a car that seems to have something else wrong with it every other week, it gets me from point A to point B. 

I'm learning that life is a matter of perspective.  If we focus on how much we actually have, our attitude is going to be so much more positive.  That includes the everyday interactions with people we've never met and the difficult situations we think we'll never get through.  My perspective should be God-centered. 

Alright, I'm out.  Later.  Also, my buddy Frez is coming for the weekend.  He has no idea what he is in for.  We're both huge Philly sports fans...see below for the shirt I am hoping for within the next 6 months (hint wifey).


"God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy"

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