Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baking...It's what I do!

I love love love to bake. Honestly there usually is always some kind of baked good in the house. When I am sad, I bake. When I am happy, I bake. When I am bored, I bake. My husband loves the fact that I bake so much and I think sometimes he is super spoiled! =)

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make homemade mounds bars. Matt's friend, Nick, came down for the weekend to hang out with us. Both boys were for it! I really enjoy trying out new recipes but I always want them to turn out perfect and look beautiful! Doesn't always happen especially last night but boy they tasted yummy! (That's the most important part anyway...) They were super easy and now I learned what to do for next time.

All you need to make them is sweet condensed milk, coconut, a pinch of salt, and melting chocolates. It says to refrigerate the coconut/sweet condensed milk/salt mixture for 20 minutes but I think next time putting them in the freezer to harden the mixture will work better otherwise the melted chocolate will melt the coconut mixture. (That is what happened to mine)

Here is a picture of what they look like. (They look super gross but I promise they aren't!)

If you want the exact recipe, you can email me at Happy Baking! =)

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