Monday, March 19, 2012

Spontaneous Roadtrip!

This weekend was so much fun and very unexpected. Matt got home late on Friday night and I was awake most of the night not feeling well so, I figured Saturday would just be a relaxing day. However, Saturday morning Matt asked if I would like to go to NJ for the weekend...of course I said YES! I felt bad however that he had had a long night at work and to make the 5 1/2 hour drive would be too much. He was all for it! We quickly packed our suitcases and the goob up and left about an hour later.

Handsome Hubby driving to NJ!

It was such a nice ride up especially being that there were two of us to handle Mady. The last time I made the drive, it was just me and the Mady....LONG drive. She was sooo good this time and gave Matt and I a chance to talk and enjoy each others company. We stopped for lunch at Friendly's. Mady can be hit or miss when we go out to eat. I was a little wary of sitting down to eat but she was so sweet and when I asked what her name was at lunch, she said "Mady" in the cutest little girl voice. I could have cried. She slept the rest of the way.

It was beautiful when we got to Jersey. Matt went to relax when we got there and Mom, Mady and I headed to the Amish market. It was so nice and refreshing to spend quality time with my family. I helped my mom get food ready for my brother birthday the following day and we headed to Old Navy after Mady went to bed. Mady was beyond excited to see her Nana, Pop Pop, Uncle E, and Uncle T. She has the biggest smile when she sees them which completely melts my heart.

Mady with her Nana and Pop Pop
Sunday Morning we headed over to Matt's Mom, and Mady's Mom Mom. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast and time catching up with each other. Mady had a special breakfast of a vanilla donut from Mom Mom. Delicious!

On our way to Mom Moms. (Our parents live around the corner from each other!)
The rest of the day we enjoyed playing outside and enjoying time with family.

Playing with Pop Pop

Attempting to kick the ball. Mostly enjoying looking at rocks and the sticks.=)

Mady and Daddy!

Soon enough it was time to head home! We had a great weekend with our family and it was so refreshing! But we could not leave before Mady got a picture with the birthday boy...Uncle T. Mady has a special love for Uncle T. She absolutely adores him!

Mady and the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Buddy! (yesterday) We love you tons!!! =)

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