Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Schedule

Today starts a new routine for my family. Hubby starts his 1-9 tues-sat shift. Honestly...I am over change. It seems like every other week, my family has some form of change happening. I don't do well with change.

Trust me, I am thankful for my husbands job but this job's shift/schedule can change easily and quickly. He was in the police academy for the past 8 weeks which was a 7-4 job and then he would come home, play with Mady, eat dinner, and then we would be able to spend some time together before calling it a night. We had a routine and schedule.

This new schedule means that he is home in the mornings (which I really do love). Our lunch time will become our dinner time and our dinner time will become our lunch time. Unfortunately we do not get any "us" time on this new schedule expect on Sunday and Mondays. This would not be that big of a deal except that we do not have any family in the area which means no help/date night for the hubby and wifey. For now, I have to be ok with that. I've gone 6 months without any time with him...I can do this...right?!

This means I have to deal with Mady during her cranky hours which is usually around 4:00pm until dinner time. I am kind of dreading that (actually really dreading that!) Maybe we will head to the park or run some errands during that time. Any suggestions?

I know it will take a few days to settle into this new schedule and I am sure everyone will adjust just fine. But how about no more change for a while...huh?

Tonight I am attempting to have a girls night with the goob. Paint our toes and enjoy a yummy dinner, just the two of us.I really enjoy the time I am able to spend with my little girl. She absolutely melts my heart everyday. Looking for the positive in all of the craziness that is our life right now.

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