Friday, March 23, 2012

We need a plan!

I am such a planner! I love to make lists and know exactly what is expected of me. Last night, Matt and I were giving Mady and a bath and I said to Matt, "We need a plan."  He looked at me a little confused and said ok.... SO, I asked if we could talk once Mady went to bed (exactly what every husband wants to hear after a long day at work and then the responsibilities of taking care of the crazy goob!) But he is such a wonderful husband and said sure!

We put Mady to bed and settled down on the couch, our typical routine. We caught up on Justified (which I think was his way of doing something he wanted to do before we had THE talk). I didn't mind since I like the show.

I told him I wanted a plan for our future. Things have been so crazy around here lately that sometimes I think we are just floating along and not really making any plans to reach our goals. We want to buy a house, have another baby (in a little while), pay off debt, manage our finances among other things. But I felt like we weren't doing anything to reach those goals. 

Being a police officer in the federal government does not pay much. Actually, it appalls me how much they actually make. They are putting their lives on the line every time they go to work. Anyways, since we are living off one income right now, we have to be super careful with our money. (Not always the easiest thing to do)

We talked, and I cried of course. =)  Sometimes I just want things to be easy for us because honestly it hasn't been. After I got upset and talked about everything I WANTED and how I WANTED it NOW, I realized that we can plan and plan and plan but it all comes down to trusting the Lord. He has us here for a reason and we are going through this difficult time for a reason. He has never once abandoned us or left us hanging. It frustrates me how much my trust can waiver. I get so upset because He has never let me down!

Matt and I made some good but difficult decisions last night. It won't be easy but I know with the Lords help He will get us through it.

I am so proud of my husband and the way he provides for his family. He is such a great husband and father. I am so thankful that the Lord allowed us to meet almost 10 years ago and become husband and wife almost 4 years ago.

Continue to TRUST meg! Continue to TRUST!

Of course I could leave you without a picture of the crazy goob. She is too cute and funny not to!

Hey girl!

Happy Friday! Yay for the hubby to have off 3 days this weekend! He starts his 1-9, Tues-Sat shift this coming week. Oh, how life changes too quickly!

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