Friday, March 23, 2012

Never a dull moment at the grocery store

Mady and I make trips to the grocery store very frequently usually because I forgot to get half the stuff I wanted to because I am dealing with a toddler and I have mommy brain. =) Anyways, it is so beautiful here today, what I had planned for dinner was not cutting it (breakfast) so I decided we were going to have hamburgers, hot dogs, cole slaw, etc.

Off to the store we go except that they are repaving the parking spots in our complex and it sounds like a war zone. I get Mady buckled in and off we go.

Mady likes to play with my keys and hey if it going to keep her happy and I can think for 2 seconds...go for it! Except she likes to pretend "stab" me with the keys and of course I play along. Well, today an older lady did not think this was funny and shook her head as she walked by us. Give me a break lady!

Mady also likes to see everything before I put it in the car. After she is done examining, and making sure it is acceptable, she throws it in the back of the cart. She makes me laugh.

I cannot buy fruit without the child screaming for a piece of it! I have to sneak the apples and oranges in the cart while she is preoccupied with something else. What can I say she loves fruit!

She usually dances to whatever song is playing in the store and gets a chuckle from a few fellow shoppers.

I get stopped at least a few times in the store from someone commenting on her red hair or big smile.  Mady usually hams it up and waves hello and then bye bye to them.

As we were checking out today, this big southern older man was bagging our items and kept calling Mady "little red" SO CUTE! She gave him a few big smiles (which can be unusual for her. She does not take to men very well). He gave her a sticker and a high five. Melt my heart. Mady waved bye bye to him and off to the car we went. ( Of course I forgot a bag and the nice man brought it out to me...that mom brain is a killer!)

Never a dull moment at the store with the goob! Its ok though because she is the perfect little shopping buddy!

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