Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Here are just a few things that happened yesterday and a few things that are on my mind. I like making lists so I'll make this post a list! YAY!

  • I joined a moms group in Virginia Beach and went to my first "meet up" yesterday. That is a huge step for me. I am very shy and nervous when meeting new people. However, I did meet a very nice mom who has a precious little boy who is 13 months old. I hope to meet a lot more moms and make some friends here in Virginia
  • Mady loves to bring her "D" (baby) in the car. Yesterday I caught her talking to her and giving her hugs and kisses. So precious!
Sweet girl enjoying our Mango waterice!
  • Mady and I enjoyed our free Rita's water ice yesterday! Mady was such a good girl and actually sat on the bench and ate it. (at least for a few minutes anyway...)
  • Somehow at around 3:30 yesterday, I realized I never ate lunch! No wonder it was extremely difficult to get off the couch and start dinner! Ugh
  • I don't know why I buy Mady white pants. They always get messy! 
  •  Making dinner when Matt is not home to corral Madelyn is nearly impossible. It is very difficult to cut chicken and hold a toddler at the same time.
  • I am very embarrassed to admit this but last night Matt ate one of the cupcakes I made for his graduation today and I cried. Yup, full blown meltdown. Poor man, he married a crazy person
  • Last but not wonderful husband graduates the police academy today! I am beyond proud of him! Can't wait to enjoy a full day of celebrations! (Pics to worries!)
Happy Wednesday! and Congratulations to my wonderful husband! You did a great job and Mady and I are extremely proud of you.  Enjoy your day!


  1. Good for you on joining a Mom's group.I'm also shy and get nervous about meeting people IRL but I really need to join a group myself.
    If I'm trying to cook dinner when hubby isn't home, I put my girls in their exersaucers or bumbo seats and drag them into the kitchen with me. Maybe you could find an activity she can do in the kitchen with you?

    1. Unfortunately this little girl does not sit still. I have tried giving her a bowl and spoon to pretend she is cooking with me and that works from time to time. During the dinner hours, she usually gets cranky! I don't know what it is about that time of day! AH! Thanks for your comment though! They always make my day! =)


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