Thursday, March 29, 2012

All Hail the Queen

That queen would be the one and only Madelyn Grace. Wow has this girl been a handful lately. Her personality is definitely coming out more and more each day. She is so strong-willed and independent which are qualities that I am super happy she has but man...those are difficult when you are parenting her.

Queen Madelyn

I am constantly saying NO. Over and over and over and over. Like...child my answer is not going to change from one second to another. BUT...she will try It truly tests your patience and honestly sometimes I need to walk away to calm my nerves.

Along the same lines, she has started telling us No. This is new probably in the past week or so. She shakes her head and says no with the biggest scowl on her face.

Along with most kids this age, sharing is not high on their priority list. Goob however will attempt to share whatever food she is having with you. As soon as you put it in your mouth, she wants it back and will try to open your mouth to get it. Really?!

If Mady does not get want she wants, when she wants it, beware people! 

I have begun to realize that I give in many times because she is throwing a tempter and honestly...I hate seeing her cry so hard. SO things have changed this week. For example, as I have said before, she loves to be in the fridge. She will just stand there, looking at everything and then wanting to take everything out. There is no reason to be in the fridge so I have not allowed her in there. *Cue huge meltdown*.

However there are those moment that makes all the moment listed above do-able...

Like when she holds her hands out to you, tilts her head and says "up".

Like when she gets nervous around men she doesn't know and puts her head on your shoulder and pats you reassuringly, calling you Mommy.

Like when she sits on the floor "reading" her books and playing with her toys so nicely. You just have to smile.

Like when she wants to sit on your lap and watch Elmo together for the hundredth time today.

Like when you go into her room in the morning and you are greeted with the biggest smile and "HIIIII MOMMMY or HIIIII DADA!!!" (Yes she is that loud!)

Like when she sits in your lap when you are reading her a bedtime story and she says the cutest Anem (Amen) after you pray for a good night sleep and to bring daddy home safely. 

Those moments make everything ok. Those are the moments that make you gear up for the next days adventures with this little girl.

I love being a mom to this little girl. I am truly blessed I can call her my daughter.  Even if she acts like the queen of this household....=)


  1. Thank you for being real and honest! It is so hard some days, but you are not alone. :)

    1. Thank you!! The good days definitely make up for the hard ones! =)


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