Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mini Vaca!

Mady and I are spending the week in NJ at my lovely parents house so I won't be on here much! (plus I left my computer in the car that hubby drove home yesterday...FAIL!)

Can't wait to tell everyone about our awesome last few days. So sad the hubby had to head back to VA last night for work this week.

Looking forward to the days at our "pool", walks, the park, and the many trips to Target (since it is literally in walking distance!) and of course spending time with our favorite Nana and Pop Pop.

Have a wonderful week!! =)

Friday, May 25, 2012


It has been another rough week around here but things are finally on the mend (I hope!) I haven't felt like writing much because a. nothing exciting was really going on b. it would have just been all negative. So, here is a little update on life.

1. After 3 mechanics, 2 weeks, countless tears and frustration and 700 dollars later, our car will be picked up tomorrow! I won't go into all the details but it has been a trying week! Ol' Bess is coming home! (As I like to call her! or POS (you know what I mean...)

2. We have decided we are going to get another car! *insert happy dance!* It just makes sense and it looks like I might be working to help pay for it but YAY! I will have freedom again. This whole car situation just goes to show us we cannot be a one car family right now especially with an almost 19 month old. It is just beyond difficult...to say the least!!

3. My child will not eat lately and it is driving me crazy! I wish I could reason with her...nope!

4. Yesterday a package came and I was seriously wondering what in the world I bought until I realized it was addressed to Mady. Nana went shopping again! She spoils her so bad! New pj's, a cute hat and beautiful dress!

Modeling her cute hat!
 5. Speaking of Nana, today is her birthday! I wish so badly we could be there to celebrate and spoil her because she truly deserves it! We are heading to Jersey this weekend and Mady and I most likely will be staying the week. We all just need a break from this place and all the stress and frustration! So looking forward to it!

6. We had an Applebee's gift card to finish so we decided to head out last night. Matt had training so he was home by 3:30! It was a rough day and I was not in the mood to cook so we had a yummy dinner at applebees. Mady did really well too!

Being a good girl at Applebees
7. I locked myself and Mady out of the apartment today. When I took her outside for some fun in the water bin the slide glass doors bar feel down and my front door was locked. Thank goodness my kitchen window was open since they didn't have a key that works to open the apartment. The maintenance man climbed through the window.  Oh gez! (Oh...and I had to carry Mady to the leasing office, soaking wet, in my now wet white shirt...awesome!)

8. Mady's favorite thing to play with currently is an ice scraper for your car. And her favorite 'nack (snack in goob) is goldfish. They are quite delicious. She gets mad when I steal a few though. =)

9. When Mady woke up from her nap yesterday she was still tired so we wanted to cuddle with me! She is not a good co-sleeper! (which I only did as a last resort when Matt was on deployment) Here's why...

Mady sleeping on my legs

Change positions


10. I hope everyone has a wonderul holiday weekend! Please don't forget what it is truly about! Thank you to all of those men and women who gave their lives for us and Thank you to all those you are currently serving away from their loved ones and family.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The day my husband colored my hair

Yup! He did and he did a wonderful job!!

I have had my hair highlighted from just after I gave birth to Mady so Nov. 2010. I think it was a way back then to make me feel pretty and give me a break from motherhood every 3-4th month for a few hours. I loved it!

Then Matt left for the deployment in March 2011. I know this sounds crazy but I think getting my hair highlight was a way to make me happy and not miss him so much. It was a break from being a single parent for a few hours. I kept up with it until Jan 2012. That's the last time I had it highlighted.

I loved, loved, loved Lindsay! She was the woman who did my hair. She took her time and it came out awesome every time!

Salons in Virginia are not opened Sun/Mon. Those are the only two days I could go since Matt has off. Then they don't usually open until 10 on Mon-Sat and Matt has to leave for work at 12. It takes 2 1/2-3 hrs to get it cut and highlighted. No good.

So I was done with having two toned hair!( Plus the fact that it is pretty expensive!) Ugh. It was making me feel gross and looked super oily! So yesterday I went food shopping (by myself!!!) and bought hair color.

Mady went to bed and I started to attempt to do it by myself. All I have to say if I am thankful the hubby was home! He went to work on my hair! He put on those plastic gloves and went to coloring. I kept asking if I could take a picture of him coloring my hair and he kept saying NO! so I didn't. He was so thorough and honestly did a great job!

All night he kept asking if I liked it because he was nervous he did a bad job. And I really do like it. Still have to get used to it but it pretty close to my natural hair color.

I should have taken a before picture but I didn't but here is picture from last week.

And now.... (sorry for the horrible iPhone pic)

Pretty dark brown
Good job Husby!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Everyone has a story

Yesterday was another difficult day here. After taking Matt to drill, as I was pulling into our parking space, the check engine light came on. Tears just started streaming down my face. It was a rough morning.

As I was getting ready for the day it hit me. You never know, by just looking at someone, what their story is. We are so quick to judge people without truly knowing them especially if they have something we want (like a nice car that is reliable!) But those people, with their nice and reliable car, could have a sick child, a cheating spouse, or just lost their job.

Everyone has something going on in their life. Right now we are dealing with a car that isn't reliable and a tough financial situation but I would take that any day over not having my family here or Mady being critically sick. It is all about perspective.

My attitude has changed through the Lord's doing. All day yesterday the phrase "Trust Me" kept coming to my mind. I felt like the Lord was just telling me, Megan trust me. And so today I am making every effort to FULLY trust Him. He is going to work this all out. And to be honest, in the long run, this is not the biggest deal!

Everyone has a story and some are down right heart breaking. I am so grateful that my family has their health, we are able to pay our bills, Matt has two jobs, and I am able to stay home with my Mady (as tough as it is some days).

So today I will focus on the positives, the blessing in my life because life is too short not to.

Feeling blessed today

Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Breathe and Pray

Those are the only two things that I need to do today. Just breathe and pray. It's all I can honestly manage to do.

If you have read the last few posts you know that things have been not the best around here. The stupid car situation along with other things have just made for a miserable week.

Here is the latest in the car saga. So, my sweet husband called this morning to see if our car was ready since he needs it for his weekend because he has drill. (You need military tags on your car to get on base)


We have been carless for 3 whole days for NO REASON!

When he originally talked to the mechanic on Wednesday, Matt told him that he wanted to talk to me before saying yes to getting the work done on the car. After much talking and crying (because he told us if would cost a 1,000 dollars!!!), we both agreed to get the work done. He called back and told them to go ahead. Well, whoever took the message NEVER relayed it to the guy who actually does the work!

So, a wonderful new friend of ours, Andrea, took Matt to go pick it up. And while he was there the guy decided to be a total you-know-what to Matt! He charged him 119 dollars to run the check engine test thingy. Matt was furious and explained to the man that it was their fault that he was picking the car up without any work done on it. 

Then after he picked up the car, the guy told him that the total for the repairs (if we had them done) would have been 1,500!!!! OK that is not 1000 or close to it. So in the long run I am somewhat happy that they didn't fix it because we would have been furious.

However, they said the car needed 2 quarts of oil and ta-da...no check engine light. So we have no idea if this guy was just trying to screw us over and out of 1,500 dollars or what.

We are going to take a few days and see what happens and talk all of our options through. It just has been so unbelievably stressful and tiring.

I hate cars.

Do we get a new car? Do we get this one fixed? We don't know.

In lighter news, Mady and I headed to Michaels today to get some glue dots so I can finish her scrapbook and we picked up a big roll of paper, crayons, and sticker books. She was so excited! I think she liked to stand and crinkle the paper more than anything else. She also thinks every color is "bue" aka blue. However it did occupied her for a good 15 minutes! That is forever in goob time! YAY for a new activity.

And of course I have to show you a few picture of her and her finished product!

Hard at work

Ta-Da! or "Da" as Mady says!

So yeah...its been a long week! I wish I had this weekend to look forward to but the Navy has kidnapped my husband.

Just have to keep breathing and praying....and crafting!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Randoms

I feel like being random today instead of tomorrow. I love learning little tidbits and random facts about what is going on in people's everyday life so here we go.

1. We got our state refund money today. Can you say "Thank you Lord!" Really though...perfect timing. (Long story on why it took so stinkin long!)

2. Mady and I are going on day 3 with being inside/no car. Thankfully the last few days have been rainy/major thunderstorms plus the fact that poor girl has some stomach bug. We are getting cabin fever though! Oh.my.goodness! Hopefully the car will be done tomorrow and we can have a fun afternoon out and about!!

3. Last night I finished 4 pages in Mady's scrapbook. (She has two...one for her and one for us...I know...I am crazy!) Anyways, it is just from birth to 1 year. I have one page left in each book to finish and then I am DONE! I know I will be so thankful for these scrapbooks in the future but man they can be a pain in the butt! I doubt if any of my other kiddos get a scrapbook dedicated to just them. Perks of being a first born I guess.

4. I thought it would be a good idea to watch the season finale of criminal minds last night while the hubby was at work. Not my best idea. Anytime there are kids involved and they are in danger, I get super nervous and sad. Then I heard hubby try to open the door and then nothing. I was freaked out! It just so happened the light wasn't on outside and he couldn't find his key hence why it took him so long to unlock the door after the initial try. Gez! Way to scare your wife half to death. Didn't he know I was watching criminal minds!

5. I bought Mady a tunnel a long time ago and left it at my parents. Well, when they came down this past weekend they brought it with them. Mady loves it.

Silly girl
6. We have not been making much progress in operation "get rid of night nights" Since she has gotten sick on Monday, they are her comfort. I can't take them away from a sick little girl so we are back to square one. Lord.Help.Me!

Sweet girl with her "night nights"
7. I hate pictures of myself. I rarely find ones that I actually like. If only Mady didn't have her night night and hand in front of her face, I would truly like this picture!

Best buddies!
 8. I need to stop baking. For real! Yesterday was a horrible day and I ate half of the rice krispie treats I made. And there is another key lime cheesecake in the fridge. I should just let hubby take it all to work!

9.I need to do so much laundry and I hate doing it. I should show you how I have to do my laundry because honestly it is ghetto fabulous!  But hey it beats going to a laundry mat with a crazy 18 month old. It just drives me crazy and usually I do so many loads in one day. *Today is that day...ugh!*

10. Mady and I have been doing puzzles a lot lately. She is really good at them! She puts it where it should go but doesn't always get it to fix just right. It is so cute to watch her little mind work. I love doing puzzles with her!

11. The hubby is helping friends of our move today. I miss him. It has been a tough week and I can't wait until our fun Monday because oh yeah...he has drill this weekend! So Funday Monday it is!

Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm about to lose it!

I can't even begin to describe how this day has gone. It has been so frustrating, tiring, emotionally draining, and down right annoying.

As I said yesterday, our car is in the shop. We didn't hear back yesterday about what could be the cause of the check engine light coming on constantly but today we did. It is not good news.

It will cost us a thousand dollars to fix. Do you know how much money that is?! Especially when you are living on a strict budget and were hoping to save money for the future. Yeah, not so much anymore. Oh...and it is going to take a few days to fix!

I broke down. I had an ugly ugly cry. But there is no other option but to get it fixed. We sold our other car (regretting that SO much right now) and there is no room in the budget for another/newer car. So we are yet again stuck. Stuck with this stupid, stupid car!

Things just have been so tough for us lately. I don't want to even think about what else could possibly go wrong. Why so much at once?!

Plus Mady has been quite difficult lately. We are constantly telling her no and her blatantly not listening. Awesome. She wines constantly because she wants to stand on the counter and look in the cabinets or stand in front of the fridge to just look. UGH!

She also has been crying out in the middle of the night. Nothing horrible but I always hear her and then I lay there waiting to see if she is ok or if I need to go get her or just laying there because I am now wide awake. So I have not had much in the sleep department lately.

So if you think of me and my family, could you just pray for us. We surely could use it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


That is how I have been feeling lately. Just stuck. And there is nothing I can do about it. That hurts and drives me crazy.

I like to be able to fix things and when I cannot fix something or a certain circumstance I go crazy. I think about things I could maybe do to fix it and my mind goes crazy.

There are so many things I feel stuck in.

Like this apartment. It is horrible! For real. Matt and I found this place in the two days we had and honestly I wish we would have taken more time to find something better. Nothing gets fixed. Ever. Matt had to constantly call and go our to the leasing office to get our toilet (which was leaking and causing mold) to get fixed. Our downstairs sink does not drain. We have tried drano. No go. We have ants. Raid has seemed to get rid of them. I could go on and on. But I won't because I think you get the point. We could easy have a mortgage for what we pay for this dump.

We can't get out of our lease. Unless Matt goes on military orders (which is in the works). We would have to be here until Jan 13th. We can't take it anymore. Everyday there is a new headache. So for now, we are stuck.

Also, the car situation. I hate having one car. I hate it so much. Mady and I are literally stuck inside most days. We don't have a back yard and we live on a busy street with not much around to walk to.

Some days I go crazy. Literally. I try to find things to do with her to keep her occupied and not constantly watching George or Elmo all day. (Like my fabulous water bin!) I feel like a horrible mom because some days the TV is on all day long. We just don't have much room in this place or anywhere to go really. I have cried one too many times about this.

I feel like I lost a sense of independence when we got rid of my car. I can't go anywhere anytime I want to. I have to rely on other people for things. I miss being able to just go do whatever I needed to or wanted to because I had a car.

It is a humbly experience and I will never take for granted having two cars or one that actually is reliable. Oh because did I mention that our one car is in the shop again because that stupid check engine light came on? Oh yeah...

I worry. I worry that something is going to happen when I don't have a car. For example, yesterday we had to take Mady to the Dr because I thought she was having an allergic reaction to strawberries. It turns out she has a stomach bug and the diarrhea was just causing her little girl areas to get raw and inflamed. The poor girl was screaming and shaking any time I had to wipe that area. I was getting so nervous and worried that something else was going on so we called the Dr and he said he wanted to see her.  I am so thankful that Matt was home yesterday because otherwise I would be stuck with a child who was miserable because she was in pain and a mom who was worried it was something serious.

I know the Lord worked that all out but still...I worry.

I hate feeling stuck. Because I just want to fix it. I want things to get better. I want situations to change. I want to move back to NJ now and not wait. I want a car now and not wait. But that is not the way things work.

Many days I have to ask the Lord to just get me through this day because I cannot even begin to think about what tomorrow is going to bring.

I know He will get us "unstuck" when it is His timing. Sometimes I just wish I could have a face to face chat with the Lord.

It would definitely help right now.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Part 2

After our fabulous morning at the zoo, we decided to head back to the apartment so Mady could take a nap and eat some lunch. My brother and Matt are huge fans of Mexican food so they headed out to a restaurant and me and my parents just put on a pizza for us.

Then they headed back to the hotel (our apartment is too small for everyone to stay here hence the hotel) to rest for a little bit and change for the beach. We were all kind of tired from the morning.

I ran out and got some Dunkin Iced Teas for me and my momma and when I got back the goob was awake. BEACH TIME! My parents were here when I got back and we packed up and headed to the beach. Mady was in a super cranky mood and cried the whole way there and for Nana. She finally settled down when we got to the beach.

Finally we found a parking spot and headed down. It was around 4:15 so it was not too hot and just such a beautiful day. Mady was obsessed with the water and dumping the water from bucket to bucket.

I actually got to the lay on the blanket and do NOTHING! Just lay there for about a half hour. Bliss. I even got some color. For those of you who know me in real life, you know this is not an easy task!

Cranky girl

Pop Pop was always right behind

Headed to the water

Their favorite place
We stayed for about an hour then got going. We had a yummy meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies for dinner. It was so nice to be able to eat a meal as a big family like we always used to do when we lived in NJ. Mady got her bath and wanted Nana to read her her bedtime stories.

Quick story: The other night I was carrying Mady up to bed and she said her first sentence! She said "Nana eed" (Nana read). She wanted Nana to read to her. I was almost in tears. We both love my mom and her Nana so much. So Nana finally got a chance to read to her.

Mady went down a little after 7 and we put my dad on "goob duty" since my mom and I were heading out to do some shopping and the boys were going to see the Avengers. Of course he didn't mind at all because he is the best.

My mom and I went to a little mall near by. There is a Kohls attached to the mall so we did some shopping there. My mom bought Mady way too many clothes and me a new tablecloth. She spoiled us. I don't know if you can tell but I adore my mom! Then we headed to a country store that was in the mall and mom got a really cute sign. It was such a fun evening of talking and shopping! (The two things we do best!)

This is the monkey my mom got Mady because it looked like George. Mady loved it!

After we got home my mom and dad headed back to the hotel and Uncle T stayed with us for the night.

Honestly, it was one of the best days I have had since moving down here. It refreshed my heart so much.

Sunday was Mother's Day! I was so thankful that I was able to spend it with my momma. I made a yummy breakfast in the morning for everyone and then we exchanged gifts. Of course, Mady had to help Nana with her gifts.

Mady "helping"
Mady got Nana a "Nana's Rule's Sign" and I got my mom jewelry and a cute orange wallet/clutch.

For mother's day, my mom got me a box full of cupcake/baking goodies including an apron because well..I am a mess in the kitchen!

From the hubby and goobie I got some candles and a cupcake holder! Plus the hubby let me go get a pedicure after everyone left. So blessed.

After we cleaned up from breakfast and Matt and I got ready to went to the downtown area in Virgina Beach. It was a nice morning but I didn't realize that none of the stores open until 12 or 1 on Sunday. Boo that. So we headed to the Barnes and Noble to look around.

Mady checking out the books.
Mady and I hung out in the kids section while everyone looked. Of course I bought her a few books!

We were all getting pretty hungry but we didn't want to wait forever at a restaurant so we headed to panera. Yummy! There was really no line and not crowded at all. It was a yummy lunch and a fun time.

Mady had to bring "Gerge" along
Mady had to sit next to her Nana.
After lunch Mady needed a nap and my parents decided it was time to get going. They said bye to Mady and of course I cried. You can just tell she loves being around them and visa versa. I knew she was going to ask for them when she woke up and of course she did. She cried for Nana. It made me sad but so happy to know that she loves her so much.

The rest of the afternoon was very low key and relaxing. I went and got a pedicure and we had an easy dinner that hubby made!

This is the best picture I could get with the stinker!
attempt # 2

It was such a wonderful past few days. I didn't want them to end. It did however confirm that we will be looking into moving back to NJ within the next year. We miss all of our family so much and we want Mady to grow up near her grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins (eventually). It means so much to us.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Part 1

I don't even know where to begin putting into words how absolutely fantastic this weekend was. I had all of my favorite people together. It went by way too fast! (This is going to be very long post with a lot of pictures...just to warn you)

My parents and brother knocked on our door around 1 pm on Friday and that's when all the fun began! Oh my goodness Mady was so excited to see them. It made my heart so happy to see them all together. At one point, my mom had to run out to the car to grab something and Mady started crying for Nana. It was like that all weekend. Mama who?!

Friday was a low key afternoon since they just drove 6 hours. We sat around and talked for a little while then decided to head to the park to show them one of Mady's favorite places.

This girl wastes no time!

Posing for Nana

Best Buds

Uncle T!

Love my dad!
It was such a beautiful day! We spent time drawing in the dirt, side walk chalk, on the playground, and just exploring. Nana was chasing her around everywhere. I don't think she minded one bit.

We went back and had chicken cutlets and corn on the cob for dinner. Then just hung out the rest of the night and made plans for the next day. Next up the zoo and the beach!

The next day was beautiful! Sunny and the 80 degrees! Mady asked for Nana, Pop Pop and T until they got to our apartment around 9:30. This girl was so excited. We got our stuff ready and it was time to head to the Zoo!

We had never been there before and it was beautiful! (we did have to drive through some shady areas to get there...) Mady was a little afraid of the animals and was really more interested in walking around and being free from the stroller! Every animal was "gerge" (curious george) to her. It was still a great time! We were there for about an hour and half, the perfect amount of time for an 18 month old. *Picture overload!*

Family pic! YAY!

My lovies!

This little guy was hanging in the tree right above us. So cute

Walking with her buddies

Nana showing her the bears


Love him

Snack time

This giraffe was sooo close. It was really neat.

Me and My Momma!

Handsome man

Holding Pop Pop hand. Melt.my.heart!

Photo shoot time!

Showing Nana how she smells the flowers
It was such a fun afternoon.

Part 2 to come tomorrow! (Contain your excitement!)

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! Special mother's day to my momma and momma in law! Love you both!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Randoms.

Yup, it's that time again. Friday Randoms.

Here goes nothing...

1. Mady makes me laugh everyday. She likes to put her blankie over her head and walk around the room. This usually results in running into walls and falling down. And...she usually laughs. Crazy Girl!

please excuse the weird boy on the TV...
2. We have been eating so much fresh fruit. It is so yummy! I love making a fruit salad in the summer to replace a vegetable at dinner. It is such an easy side side and so delicious! Mady has recently decided she likes strawberries! We went through two cartoons in two days. Girl can eat some strawberries!

3. Matt had training at work yesterday so he had to go in at 7:30 and he was done by 3!! That was such a nice surprise because I wasn't expecting him home until 5 or later! So we decided to head to the mall and walk around. It was sooo nice. We let Mady walk around the mall for a little while. We looked at the puppies. Ate a delicious Auntie Anne's pretzel, and of course did a little shopping! Then we came home and had a yummy dinner and put Mady to bed. It was such a fun night. So thankful for those little blessing that are unexpected!

4. Mady likes to wear her sunglasses on her head like me. I always have them on top of my head. It helps hold my hair back usually. It was so cute to see her do that.

Like mother...like daughter!
5. I am really excited for Mother's Day! I feel like this is my first true mother's day (even though it's not). Last year Matt was in TExas training for his deployment so we weren't together. It just didn't feel the same without him there. This year, though, I get him and my own mom on mother's day! I can't wait to spend some time with the both of them!

6. Mady and I had a lunch date on Wednesday with some new friends. Charity was nice enough to come pick us up since we were carless for the day. We enjoyed some yummy Chick-fil-a food and the girls played in the play place. Good thing Mady is too little to get up the big slide otherwise we would have problems!

7. I made Matt a key lime cheesecake for his birthday and I really enjoyed it! I am not a huge fan of either cheesecake or key lime but it was yummy!

Yummy key lime cheesecake!

8. And FINALLY my parents and brother are on their way down here! Ah! YAY! I am so excited. I'll be back probably Tuesday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Momma's Girl

There is no doubt that my Mady girl is definitely a momma's girl. We are inseparable! (much to my dismay at times!)

Sea World in CA. Dec 2011
She is always where ever I am at. However, she not the type of girl to always be by my side but if I am not in the room, she will notice. (unless George is on...her main man!)

Whenever Matt gets up with her in the mornings, to give me a little break, she calls for me. It makes me feel guilty sometimes because I can hear her constantly calling me. So, I usually get up and head downstairs. She greets me with the biggest smile and Hi momma. Then I usually get a hug or a kiss.

She will usually hold my hand when I ask her to. Or give me kisses or hugs when asked.

When she gets hurt, it is always momma she wants.

We even like the same snack foods! I mean what 18 month old likes sour cream and onion pringles or garden herb triscuits...yup mine does! 

She recently has been a cuddler with me. This is new and it melts my heart. I try to savor those moments rather than thinking of all the stuff I should be doing instead because honestly cuddling with my mady girl is exactly what I should be doing.

We look a lot a like as well. Besides the comment on her red hair, random people tell me how much she looks exactly like her momma. When I look at baby pictures of me... yup, we definitely look a like.

She is my best buddy during the day. We go shopping, sing in the car, run errands, clean (or make messes while momma tries to clean), go to the park, go on play dates and honestly I would not have it any other way.

My day would be boring without her.

Don't get me wrong, she loves her daddy. The smile on her face when he comes home and the "HIII DADA" melts our hearts. They are so cute together and I am so thankful she has such a wonderful daddy to look up to.

But honestly....I love that she is a momma's girl.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just a bunch of stuff

I like random posts. Sometimes it is hard to come up with one main topic and randomness is fun.

We had a really nice weekend (remember our weekend is Sun/Mon). We really needed that. Things have been difficult around here to say the least. Anyways...let the randomness begin.

*Mady had her 18 month check up yesterday and Matt was able to come along! She is doing great. This girl tears apart the doctors room like it is her job. I should have taken a picture. She weights 21.7 (10th %) and is 31.5 in (50% ) tall. Her weight concerns me but the doctor says it is fine since she is still gaining and not losing or maintaining.

She also was due for some shots. The girl did NOT cry. Nope, not one tear. She made a little face and fussed for a second but seriously no tears. I am absolutely terrified of needles so she did not get that from me!

* Last week Mady got a hair cut. Her hair is wild. It is so curly in the back and kind of wavy/straight on top. It drives me crazy! Well, the hair dresser gave her bangs. I didn't necessarily want them but they look so cute on her. It makes her look so much older. Where did my baby go?! Oh...and she sat in the chair by herself. *tears!*

Just reading to pass the time...

Such a little lady sitting all by herself

New do!
*Matt got some money for his birthday so he decided he would like to go out to dinner. Sounds good to me! He is a big fan of Mexican food so we tried out Abuelos. It was decent. I am not a huge mexican food fan but he loved it! Mady did pretty well while we ate. She had some of our food and a yogurt (randomness).

Being a good girl while we ate.
*I have applied to some summer tutoring jobs in the area and am hoping one of them works out. I really do miss tutoring and getting out of the house a few hours a week. Praying the Lord opens a door here.

*Matt got a call yesterday that he passed the test he took a few weeks ago and they want him to come run a PT test and take a drug test! (both of which he will pass because he is awesome like that!)  YAY! Then if he passes that, the interview will be a few days later. I am so excited for him. This is something he has always wanted to do. We are praying that the Lord opens this door for us!

*No car for me today or tomorrow. Read: cranky! I asked if Matt could take the car today and tomorrow so I would have it when my parents are here on Friday/Saturday!

*Speaking of my parents, they are coming on FRIDAY! I cannot wait. My younger brother, T (really his name is Kevin...long story) is coming too! I am so beyond excited. I have missed them all SOOOO much! (Oh...and if Matt gets this job, it means moving 3 hours closer to his mom and my parents....YAY!)

*I have so much cleaning to do before they get here. I should get my butt moving.

Happy Tuesday!