Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The day my husband colored my hair

Yup! He did and he did a wonderful job!!

I have had my hair highlighted from just after I gave birth to Mady so Nov. 2010. I think it was a way back then to make me feel pretty and give me a break from motherhood every 3-4th month for a few hours. I loved it!

Then Matt left for the deployment in March 2011. I know this sounds crazy but I think getting my hair highlight was a way to make me happy and not miss him so much. It was a break from being a single parent for a few hours. I kept up with it until Jan 2012. That's the last time I had it highlighted.

I loved, loved, loved Lindsay! She was the woman who did my hair. She took her time and it came out awesome every time!

Salons in Virginia are not opened Sun/Mon. Those are the only two days I could go since Matt has off. Then they don't usually open until 10 on Mon-Sat and Matt has to leave for work at 12. It takes 2 1/2-3 hrs to get it cut and highlighted. No good.

So I was done with having two toned hair!( Plus the fact that it is pretty expensive!) Ugh. It was making me feel gross and looked super oily! So yesterday I went food shopping (by myself!!!) and bought hair color.

Mady went to bed and I started to attempt to do it by myself. All I have to say if I am thankful the hubby was home! He went to work on my hair! He put on those plastic gloves and went to coloring. I kept asking if I could take a picture of him coloring my hair and he kept saying NO! so I didn't. He was so thorough and honestly did a great job!

All night he kept asking if I liked it because he was nervous he did a bad job. And I really do like it. Still have to get used to it but it pretty close to my natural hair color.

I should have taken a before picture but I didn't but here is picture from last week.

And now.... (sorry for the horrible iPhone pic)

Pretty dark brown
Good job Husby!


  1. looks adorable!!- courteney

  2. haha! too cute! what a good hubby! :)

    Its looks great too!


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