Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy 18 Months My Goob!

I can't believe my Madelyn Grace is 18 months today. It seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time and at the same time it is hard to imagine what my life was like without her! She has been such a blessing to Matt and I. I am forever grateful that I can call that crazy little girl mine.

Here is a few randoms about Mady at 18 months!

*Girl is feisty!  WOAH. She is very stubborn and you cannot get her to do something she does not want to do. Makes for difficult parenting at times.

*She says "peas" and "hank you" now. It is so cute. She signs "more" when saying "peas" I don't know why but it makes me laugh. 

*She loves to sit in the big chairs at the table. I think it is time to put the high chair in storage and get her a booster seat for the chair. Girl would be thrilled!!

*She refuses to eat meat lately. She loves her vegetables, fruit, and pasta. Meat not so much. She does love hot dogs though. 

*She has learned how to go down the stairs now. It still makes me nervous so I usually go down on my butt with her. But you CANNOT hold her hand. Nope, she will not allow it and wants to do it by herself. (See what I am talking about...stubborn!)

*She still loves the park and playing in water. She could be outside all day long. She loves running around and getting into everything. 

*She loves dogs. If there is a dog at the park, she will run up to it. She gets a little hestitant but eventually will pet the dog. Matt and I wish we could get her one but a. we don't have the money for that and b. I don't really feel like dealing with a dog.

*She loves her some Curious George. She will sit on the floor and watch him quietly. I usually put him on when I am attempting to make dinner. =)

*She is an wonderful little girl with all of her quirks. Sometimes I wonder how I birthed such a crazy little girl. I am so thankful I did though. She keeps us on our toes and we love her to pieces!!!

I need to start taking more pictures but here are a few I took recently!

Playing in the water bin. Her favorite

Chattin' it up on the phone

Get rid of that night night!

Using the cookie cutters as bracelets.

Reading the paper. The usual.

Can't believe my baby is 18 months. SLOW DOWN!


  1. Awwww!! Happy 18 months Mady girl! You are too cute!

    Does she do alot of signing? We bought Ryley the signing time dvds and they are amazing! She can sign about 50 different words.

  2. Oh my goodness your daughter is PRECIOUS! Stopping by from Kelly's blog to say HI! I live up in northern VA but saw another Virginia link and just had to come say hi!


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