Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It is only 1 o'clock and this days has been crazy. Like sometimes I just have to say...really?!

It started out just fine and dandy. Up with the baby, breakfast, shower, play time, Elmo....you know, the normal.

Then Matt and I decided to head to the commissary for a few things. (I love it there....so cheap compared to other food stores!!) We walked around, got the stuff we needed and more, of course and headed home.

On the way home, right outside one of the military gates, at a stop light, our car just shuts off. Awesome right?! OMG. I wanted to scream but I remained calm (surprisingly). Matt got out of the car to kind of direct traffic around us so we didn't get hit. Mady is the back seat, happy as can be, playing on my phone.

We can't even get the darn car to go into neutral to push it to the side of the road! Two military guys and a bunch of really nice people offered to help us but we could not get the car to go into neutral. UGH.

So Matt calls a friend of his who literally lives a minute away. He is great with cars and was such a blessing to us today. He let Mady and I sit in his car while he finally got our car to go into neutral and helped Matt push it to the side of the road. Then he took us home and came back and got our groceries out of Matt's car and brought them to our house. He was truly a blessing. 

Matt waited for the tow truck people to come and had it towed to a car shop that his friend recommended. So now we are playing the wait and see game to find out how much it is going to cost us to fix this stupid car! (Honestly...I strongly dislike this car! Always causing a problem!)

I had to cancel my much needed and much looked forward to hair appointment! (I texted my mom that the hair gods were against me...I think its true!)

Remember when I said there would be a day that I cursed selling my beloved Sentra...Well today is the day!

We knew this would happen though. We are trying to follow the Lord and do His plan and of course we are going to face opposition and that is what happened to us today. It is ok though. He is working everything out and we will get through this.

It's just no fun. I am praying that today there is no more special surprises in store for us!

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  1. Oh no!! Im sorry.. thats no fun! I hope it doesnt take too long to fix. Just gotta keep faith.. its so tough though!


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