Thursday, May 10, 2012

Momma's Girl

There is no doubt that my Mady girl is definitely a momma's girl. We are inseparable! (much to my dismay at times!)

Sea World in CA. Dec 2011
She is always where ever I am at. However, she not the type of girl to always be by my side but if I am not in the room, she will notice. (unless George is on...her main man!)

Whenever Matt gets up with her in the mornings, to give me a little break, she calls for me. It makes me feel guilty sometimes because I can hear her constantly calling me. So, I usually get up and head downstairs. She greets me with the biggest smile and Hi momma. Then I usually get a hug or a kiss.

She will usually hold my hand when I ask her to. Or give me kisses or hugs when asked.

When she gets hurt, it is always momma she wants.

We even like the same snack foods! I mean what 18 month old likes sour cream and onion pringles or garden herb triscuits...yup mine does! 

She recently has been a cuddler with me. This is new and it melts my heart. I try to savor those moments rather than thinking of all the stuff I should be doing instead because honestly cuddling with my mady girl is exactly what I should be doing.

We look a lot a like as well. Besides the comment on her red hair, random people tell me how much she looks exactly like her momma. When I look at baby pictures of me... yup, we definitely look a like.

She is my best buddy during the day. We go shopping, sing in the car, run errands, clean (or make messes while momma tries to clean), go to the park, go on play dates and honestly I would not have it any other way.

My day would be boring without her.

Don't get me wrong, she loves her daddy. The smile on her face when he comes home and the "HIII DADA" melts our hearts. They are so cute together and I am so thankful she has such a wonderful daddy to look up to.

But honestly....I love that she is a momma's girl.

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  1. This sounds like Ryley exactly! My little lady is such a mommas girl! I feel bad for Ryon sometimes because she only wants me.. and sometimes I really want her to go with her daddy! Haha. I love this post.. sooo sweet! :)


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