Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Randoms.

Yup, it's that time again. Friday Randoms.

Here goes nothing...

1. Mady makes me laugh everyday. She likes to put her blankie over her head and walk around the room. This usually results in running into walls and falling down. And...she usually laughs. Crazy Girl!

please excuse the weird boy on the TV...
2. We have been eating so much fresh fruit. It is so yummy! I love making a fruit salad in the summer to replace a vegetable at dinner. It is such an easy side side and so delicious! Mady has recently decided she likes strawberries! We went through two cartoons in two days. Girl can eat some strawberries!

3. Matt had training at work yesterday so he had to go in at 7:30 and he was done by 3!! That was such a nice surprise because I wasn't expecting him home until 5 or later! So we decided to head to the mall and walk around. It was sooo nice. We let Mady walk around the mall for a little while. We looked at the puppies. Ate a delicious Auntie Anne's pretzel, and of course did a little shopping! Then we came home and had a yummy dinner and put Mady to bed. It was such a fun night. So thankful for those little blessing that are unexpected!

4. Mady likes to wear her sunglasses on her head like me. I always have them on top of my head. It helps hold my hair back usually. It was so cute to see her do that.

Like daughter!
5. I am really excited for Mother's Day! I feel like this is my first true mother's day (even though it's not). Last year Matt was in TExas training for his deployment so we weren't together. It just didn't feel the same without him there. This year, though, I get him and my own mom on mother's day! I can't wait to spend some time with the both of them!

6. Mady and I had a lunch date on Wednesday with some new friends. Charity was nice enough to come pick us up since we were carless for the day. We enjoyed some yummy Chick-fil-a food and the girls played in the play place. Good thing Mady is too little to get up the big slide otherwise we would have problems!

7. I made Matt a key lime cheesecake for his birthday and I really enjoyed it! I am not a huge fan of either cheesecake or key lime but it was yummy!

Yummy key lime cheesecake!

8. And FINALLY my parents and brother are on their way down here! Ah! YAY! I am so excited. I'll be back probably Tuesday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a silly girl! That key lime cheesecake looks delish! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FAMILY!! Im so excited for you :)


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