Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just a bunch of stuff

I like random posts. Sometimes it is hard to come up with one main topic and randomness is fun.

We had a really nice weekend (remember our weekend is Sun/Mon). We really needed that. Things have been difficult around here to say the least. Anyways...let the randomness begin.

*Mady had her 18 month check up yesterday and Matt was able to come along! She is doing great. This girl tears apart the doctors room like it is her job. I should have taken a picture. She weights 21.7 (10th %) and is 31.5 in (50% ) tall. Her weight concerns me but the doctor says it is fine since she is still gaining and not losing or maintaining.

She also was due for some shots. The girl did NOT cry. Nope, not one tear. She made a little face and fussed for a second but seriously no tears. I am absolutely terrified of needles so she did not get that from me!

* Last week Mady got a hair cut. Her hair is wild. It is so curly in the back and kind of wavy/straight on top. It drives me crazy! Well, the hair dresser gave her bangs. I didn't necessarily want them but they look so cute on her. It makes her look so much older. Where did my baby go?! Oh...and she sat in the chair by herself. *tears!*

Just reading to pass the time...

Such a little lady sitting all by herself

New do!
*Matt got some money for his birthday so he decided he would like to go out to dinner. Sounds good to me! He is a big fan of Mexican food so we tried out Abuelos. It was decent. I am not a huge mexican food fan but he loved it! Mady did pretty well while we ate. She had some of our food and a yogurt (randomness).

Being a good girl while we ate.
*I have applied to some summer tutoring jobs in the area and am hoping one of them works out. I really do miss tutoring and getting out of the house a few hours a week. Praying the Lord opens a door here.

*Matt got a call yesterday that he passed the test he took a few weeks ago and they want him to come run a PT test and take a drug test! (both of which he will pass because he is awesome like that!)  YAY! Then if he passes that, the interview will be a few days later. I am so excited for him. This is something he has always wanted to do. We are praying that the Lord opens this door for us!

*No car for me today or tomorrow. Read: cranky! I asked if Matt could take the car today and tomorrow so I would have it when my parents are here on Friday/Saturday!

*Speaking of my parents, they are coming on FRIDAY! I cannot wait. My younger brother, T (really his name is Kevin...long story) is coming too! I am so beyond excited. I have missed them all SOOOO much! (Oh...and if Matt gets this job, it means moving 3 hours closer to his mom and my parents....YAY!)

*I have so much cleaning to do before they get here. I should get my butt moving.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Awww.. love her new do! So cute! And good luck with tutoring! Im trying to make some extra cash doing odd jobs now. Have fun with your parents tomorrow!!! :)


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