Friday, May 25, 2012


It has been another rough week around here but things are finally on the mend (I hope!) I haven't felt like writing much because a. nothing exciting was really going on b. it would have just been all negative. So, here is a little update on life.

1. After 3 mechanics, 2 weeks, countless tears and frustration and 700 dollars later, our car will be picked up tomorrow! I won't go into all the details but it has been a trying week! Ol' Bess is coming home! (As I like to call her! or POS (you know what I mean...)

2. We have decided we are going to get another car! *insert happy dance!* It just makes sense and it looks like I might be working to help pay for it but YAY! I will have freedom again. This whole car situation just goes to show us we cannot be a one car family right now especially with an almost 19 month old. It is just beyond say the least!!

3. My child will not eat lately and it is driving me crazy! I wish I could reason with her...nope!

4. Yesterday a package came and I was seriously wondering what in the world I bought until I realized it was addressed to Mady. Nana went shopping again! She spoils her so bad! New pj's, a cute hat and beautiful dress!

Modeling her cute hat!
 5. Speaking of Nana, today is her birthday! I wish so badly we could be there to celebrate and spoil her because she truly deserves it! We are heading to Jersey this weekend and Mady and I most likely will be staying the week. We all just need a break from this place and all the stress and frustration! So looking forward to it!

6. We had an Applebee's gift card to finish so we decided to head out last night. Matt had training so he was home by 3:30! It was a rough day and I was not in the mood to cook so we had a yummy dinner at applebees. Mady did really well too!

Being a good girl at Applebees
7. I locked myself and Mady out of the apartment today. When I took her outside for some fun in the water bin the slide glass doors bar feel down and my front door was locked. Thank goodness my kitchen window was open since they didn't have a key that works to open the apartment. The maintenance man climbed through the window.  Oh gez! (Oh...and I had to carry Mady to the leasing office, soaking wet, in my now wet white shirt...awesome!)

8. Mady's favorite thing to play with currently is an ice scraper for your car. And her favorite 'nack (snack in goob) is goldfish. They are quite delicious. She gets mad when I steal a few though. =)

9. When Mady woke up from her nap yesterday she was still tired so we wanted to cuddle with me! She is not a good co-sleeper! (which I only did as a last resort when Matt was on deployment) Here's why...

Mady sleeping on my legs

Change positions


10. I hope everyone has a wonderul holiday weekend! Please don't forget what it is truly about! Thank you to all of those men and women who gave their lives for us and Thank you to all those you are currently serving away from their loved ones and family.

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  1. Hahaha! Oh Meg! I laughed out loud at this! My daughter sleeps with us (against my wishes.. but mommas gotta sleep and not wrestle with a toddler every single night!) and she is all over the place! Its a king bed and there is enough room for her.. but nope.. shes got to be right next to me. Thisclose to me! Haha! Mady is tooo cute!

    Ps.. SOO happy yall are getting another car!! *Happy dance for you!* :)


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