Friday, March 8, 2013


I know I keep saying this but things have been so crazy lately and I am not exactly sure when they will slow down. But you see, I don't do well in stressful situations, and I feel like that is all I have been dealing with lately.

Mady and I are finally back in Virginia for the next 2 weeks to pack up the apartment, tie up some loose ends, and finally sell the stupid Volvo (for real...I would love to light the stupid thing on fire...) We drove back on Wednesday morning in the worst storm possible. I was driving our little Mazda 3 and the wind was out of control. Seriously my car was all over the road. It was a long 5 and 1/2 hour drive. Thankfully we made it home in one piece and Mady was such a good girl the whole way, even when the DVD player decided it did not want to work anymore. However, it is lonely here. I have a lot to get done but there is ZERO adult interaction and it kills me. I only get to talk to Matt, maybe 20 minutes to 30 minutes in a whole day. He started the police academy on Monday and has been under so much pressure and stress so I totally understand but I still miss him so much.

Bottom line: I cannot wait to move to Delaware and be back together again. Mady misses her Daddy and I miss my husband. Beyond.Words!

Then I think about baby # 2. I forgot about 90% of the time I am pregnant until I feel her wonderful kicks and movements or until I am so exhausted and tired from packing that I need to sit down for the rest of the night. Plus add on top of that my lovely energetic 2 year old who constantly asks to play all day and I feel so badly telling her I have x, y, and z to get done then mommy can play. I just am under such a time crunch and am the only one packing everything up. Stressful.

Matt will be so busy with the police academy that I am dreading the transition from one to two kids. Trust me, I am beyond excited to meet little miss Maci Lee but I am also terrified because I know it will be all me for most of the time. I am worried about how I am going to handle such a big change. Like I have said before I don't do well with change and let me just tell you moving to a new state, your husband getting a brand new job, and having a baby is not for the faint of heart. Ha!  Thankfully we will be about an hour and half from parents so my mom, I know, will be a huge help.

I just have all these thoughts swirling around in my little brain. I needed to write, and vent and usually I feel somewhat better. Sorry this is a debbie downer post but I needed to get my thoughts on paper.

Ok vent session over.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scenes from the past few days

I have a ton of pictures on my iphone so I figured I would put some on here and catch you up on what is going on around here. Honestly, not too much. We are kind of in limbo, waiting on some news, and it has us feeling restless. Praying that we hear today, one way or the other. I promise to update everyone when we know more. I know, I know, I'm being vague. Sorry! are a few pictures of what has been going on with us.

The other day we were at Target (duh!) and I finally decided to start potty training with Mady. She has honestly been asking for a few days and I just wasn't sure if either of us were truly ready. Well I figured we would buy the big girl underwear and see how it went. *I think I had a little bit too high expectations because she had been all about it* Big.Fat.Fail. We kept putting her on the potty with no success and then when she knew she needed to go, she would run in her room and pee on her floor in her princess underwear. The first time, ok. It was an accident. The second time, I knew girlfriend knew what she was doing and I was annoyed. So, we quit potty training for now. We will attempt again in a little while. Can you tell she is a little stubborn?!

These two pictures melt my heart. Now that I sit down and think about this past week, it has been a difficult one with Mady. Lots of whining, and being plain out mean, especially to Matt. For no real reason. She is all of a sudden so clingy to me again. The other night she wanted to play with daddy! They colored and then had a dance party to Mumford and Sons. It was so cute. They are my heart and soul. I love these two more than words.

Yesterday we headed to the mall to get a "mall pretzel" (as Mady says) and just walk around a little bit. We had no real agenda. We bought an outfit for Mady and a few things for Maci. Since she is a summer baby and my Mady girl was a fall baby their clothes are in opposite seasons and plus I wanted to pick something up just for Maci girl. Let the shopping begin! =)
 Mady loves watching "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on PBS and it really is such a cute show. Well yesterday he was having a sleep over so Mady decided she was going to have a sleep over as well with all her stuffed animals. It was so cute. I love watching her when she imaginary plays. I love hearing what she says and how she pretends. And yes, she is only in a diaper. We have this new thing where we love to be naked and run around like crazy (her words, not mine)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's a......

So on Friday Hubby and I went for our gender/anatomy scan. I was super nervous. I just wanted to make sure the baby was okay with how much I have been sick lately. As soon as she put the wand on my belly all my fears went away. She asked us if we wanted to know what we were having and I said YES! She also asked if we had an idea one way or another. We both said Boy but not with a lot of confidence. This pregnancy just has been so different than mine with Mady girl so I figured it must be a boy. Plus, I had countless dreams that it was a boy until the night before the ultrasound, I had a dream it was a girl. So really I had no idea. 

She could tell right away and asked us names. Then she wrote what it was on the ultrasound machine.

It's a......


A healthy and beautiful Maci Lee will be joining our family at the end of June! 

My hubby just laughed and had the biggest smile on his face. I know he was a little disappointed it wasn't a boy. But he is the best daddy to Mady. I always tell him it takes a very special man to have two daughters and I truly believe it does. He is going to be wonderful with both of them! 

I officially have yet to gain any weight. Actually I am still at -2 lbs from when I first got pregnant. But this baby...she has no problem gaining weight. She weighs 15 oz! Yeah, that is in the 97%! So basically, it is no big deal but they will do another growth scan at 32 weeks to make sure she is not 100 lbs. =)  She is also breech which is the way Mady was at 20 weeks too and never turned. So I must birth big, breech girl babies who then become this petite little girls. The breech thing doesn't worry me too much because I am already having a scheduled C-section but because Mady was breech, we dealt with hip dysplasia and was in a harness for her first 3 months. It was not fun at all but it is totally fixable. So, I am trying not to worry about that fact. 

So my Mady girl 

is going to be the best girl Sister to Maci Lee! 

We already can't wait to meet her and kiss her sweet face!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wow..its been a little while

I had no intentions of not writing for a few weeks but I guess that's life. I figured today I would give a little update on my Mady girl. She is just has been so fun and absolutley hilarious lately. She makes me laugh everyday, no matter my mood, she has that affect on me. I just adore her to pieces. I figured we would do this in bullet format. Gotta love me some lists! 

*Yesterday Mady and I went to Target to get some supplies for our valentines and for Mady to pick out something for Daddy. She decided she wanted to see how many people would give her high-fives. So, as people walked by she would say, "high-five?!" Oh my goodness. She is not shy at all. Eventually I told her to just say Hi to the people and that seemed to work. So silly.

*We were crafting yesterday. I was being the awesome mom and letting her play with markers, paint, pens, and a heart punch. I think the girl was in heaven, anyways, as we are sitting there she says, "Good Morning Class. Glad to see you today" I just looked at her and asked her what she said. She repeated herself and I just died laughing. She is so random and so funny. So for the rest of the day, she was teacher Mady.

*We had to go to the orthopedic doctor last Thursday for a check up on her hips. She is great, by the way. She LOVES going to the doctor. She was excited about it all day. When the Dr. finally walks in, Mady says, "What's up doctor. It's Me Mady" I just had to smile and shake my head. The doctor just laughed. Then we had to get X-rays done, and Mady told me she was "so escited" to get her x-rays done.

*We were at the park the other day and Mady totally knew what a telescope was. When I asked her where she learned that, she told me George. (Curious George) She is one smart little girl.

*She NEVER stops talking. All day. Every day. She amazes me everyday by telling me all the things she knows.

*She is also very polite. She saw a little girl at the park who had a minnie mouse sweatshirt on and Mady decided she wanted to be friends with this little girl so Mady walked up to her, shook her hand, and said "nice meet you!"

OK I think I bragged enough about my favorite little girl. I wish I could freeze time right now because she is just so much fun!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow to 75 degrees in 4 days!

The weather has been crazy around here! Seriously! I think that is why I have yet again another cold with a fever. Yay me. I cannot catch a break. I was healthy for about a week and then last night, bam! hit with another cold. I have been sick since Christmas except for last week. So over this.

Anyways...we had snow on Friday, January 25th. Only maybe an inch but exciting none the less then today it is 75 degrees! Beautiful. Tomorrow is back down into the 40's I believe. Crazy weather...make up your mind!

When we got snow on Friday Mady was so excited! I decided to bundle her up, head out, and let her play for a little while. This is really her first snow since she was a baby baby. We didn't have any last winter. I think I was a little more excited than her though!

 She looks so grown up to me here. All ready for the snow!

 Not too sure how she feels with it all over her mittens...

 Still checking out her mittens...

Time to eat!

We were out there for about 20 minutes. It was cold!!! Mady, of course, did not want to come in so that was fun. We kept asking to go back outside and even attempted to put my boots back on my feet so we could go back out. Silly girl. 

Yesterday was when the weather got really warm. I think it was about 68 degrees and sunny. So we packed up and headed to a huge park. It is awesome! It was packed, of course, but it's so big that it didn't seem that bad. We were there about an hour or so and of course the water works started when we had to leave. 

 Climbing the rock wall

 Mady and Momma

They have this HUGE hill and Mady loves to run up and down it. Good thing Daddy was there because I would not have been able to do it.

We have had a lot of fun the past few days! I love being able to get out and do fun things with Mady and Matt!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

*It snowed here today for a few hours. It was awesome. Coming from Jersey, where we tend to get a decent amount of snow, to Virginia Beach where it usually rains is sad. Mady was so beyond excited and kept asking if she could go outside and touch it. Of course I let her but it was freezing outside!! I made her put on her gloves, hat, and coat over her cozy pj's. And...we might be getting more tomorrow night. We shall see...

*This pregnancy is kicking my butt still. I still have no desire to really eat which can be a problem. I know it mostly has to do with being sick lately but I really need to gain a few pounds and eat for the baby. When my mom was here she made us a delicious salad! It had grilled chicken, egg, cheese, croutons, and honey mustard dressing!!! I have made it a few times since and it is so good and so filling!

*My hubby has been so busy lately and I miss him so much. He is currently sleeping right now because he had to go to a gun shoot after work this morning and didn't get to sleep until 9:30am. I cannot wait to go on a much needed date with him this weekend sans goob! (She will be thrilled to be hanging out with Franki and Jason!)

*Mady girl has been so fun lately and so grown up to me. She has full on conversations with you and is so beyond polite and cute. Last night we had community group and we had a lot of new people come, which was awesome, anyway, Mady saw Matt and I introducing ourselves and shaking their hands so sweet girl went up to the kiddos and introduced herself as "me mady" and shook their hand. Oh.My.Gosh! Melt my heart sweet girl!

*Mady is finally sleeping until 7 am! That is huge!!! I have my mom to thank for that. When she was here last weekend she was the one who got up with Mady, and she didn't get her up until 7 and now she sleeps until then!! Amazing!

*Getting over this flu is awful. Today is the first day since last Monday that I actually have felt pretty decent. I still have a cough but it is not nearly as bad as it has been. I cannot wait to have some energy back since it really has been gone since November! I want to feel like a normal human being again!

*That's about all I got today. Pretty random assortment! =)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mom to the Rescue!

We are still on the mend around here. I now have this horrible cough that sounds like I have smoked for 20 years and so much mucus that I am still getting sick from time to time and not eating too much. Mady now has a cough that I am not to fond of and her nose is a constant faucet. Ugh!! This sickness needs to leave...NOW!

My mom decided to come down on Thursday afternoon to help me out. Hubby had called in sick 2 days in a row and he needed to get back to work. I was in no shape to do everything that needs to be done with Mady. Plus, she was pretty worried when we went to the hospital on Wednesday night so she left the next day to come here. I cannot tell you how excited I was to have my mom here and what a truly amazing help she was. She cooked dinner, played/took care of Mady, went shopping, ran errands, cleaned, and so much more. I felt bad we could not do too much since I was still pretty sick. I overdid it on Friday when she was here so that left me housebound on Saturday.

Matt and I had our doctors appointment on Friday. I was anxious to hear the precious babes heartbeat and know that everything was ok. I still haven't gained any weight and instead lost another pound. I asked her about my weight and she was not too concerned especially being that I have been sick and my lack of appetite. She told me what cough medicine I could take and then we listened to the heartbeat. Perfect. In the 150's and she could tell that he/she was moving around. I felt such relief. It was a quick appointment. We go back for the anatomy/gender scan on Feb 15th. I'll be exactly 20 weeks. I wish we didn't have to wait so long but we really can't afford to put out extra money to find out early and that's ok. We will find out soon enough!

It has been such a nice time with my mom here. Just hanging out and enjoying each others company. I am so thankful that she is my mom. I cannot put into words how wonderful she is! I, of course, cried big crocodile tears when she left. I just did not want her to leave and I'm not sure when we will see them again. Everyone has such busy schedules in the next few months but I am praying Mady and I can at least make it up there sooner rather than later. Living away from family is probably one of the hardest things I have gone through. I am praying that we can permanently move back up there soon!!!

Today is another day of rest for us. I cannot wait to feel 100 percent! Lots of cuddles, rest, water, and movies!