Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

*It snowed here today for a few hours. It was awesome. Coming from Jersey, where we tend to get a decent amount of snow, to Virginia Beach where it usually rains is sad. Mady was so beyond excited and kept asking if she could go outside and touch it. Of course I let her but it was freezing outside!! I made her put on her gloves, hat, and coat over her cozy pj's. And...we might be getting more tomorrow night. We shall see...

*This pregnancy is kicking my butt still. I still have no desire to really eat which can be a problem. I know it mostly has to do with being sick lately but I really need to gain a few pounds and eat for the baby. When my mom was here she made us a delicious salad! It had grilled chicken, egg, cheese, croutons, and honey mustard dressing!!! I have made it a few times since and it is so good and so filling!

*My hubby has been so busy lately and I miss him so much. He is currently sleeping right now because he had to go to a gun shoot after work this morning and didn't get to sleep until 9:30am. I cannot wait to go on a much needed date with him this weekend sans goob! (She will be thrilled to be hanging out with Franki and Jason!)

*Mady girl has been so fun lately and so grown up to me. She has full on conversations with you and is so beyond polite and cute. Last night we had community group and we had a lot of new people come, which was awesome, anyway, Mady saw Matt and I introducing ourselves and shaking their hands so sweet girl went up to the kiddos and introduced herself as "me mady" and shook their hand. Oh.My.Gosh! Melt my heart sweet girl!

*Mady is finally sleeping until 7 am! That is huge!!! I have my mom to thank for that. When she was here last weekend she was the one who got up with Mady, and she didn't get her up until 7 and now she sleeps until then!! Amazing!

*Getting over this flu is awful. Today is the first day since last Monday that I actually have felt pretty decent. I still have a cough but it is not nearly as bad as it has been. I cannot wait to have some energy back since it really has been gone since November! I want to feel like a normal human being again!

*That's about all I got today. Pretty random assortment! =)

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