Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Doctor, Doctor!

These past few weeks have been hard. I have had this stupid cold that has lingered for about 2 and 1/2 weeks now. So my husband and mom made me call the doctor today. I really hate calling the doctor because I always feel like I am asking a stupid question or being annoying. My mom had to remind me "You are paying for their services...you need to call them!" Ok, mom, ok!

So I called and everyone was super nice. Basically she told me what medicine was ok to take but was concerned with my lack of eating and the flu going around. SO, she gave me 1-2 days to take the medicine and feel better and if not to go get tested for the flu. UGH! I honestly don't think I have the flu. I don't have a fever or the body aches/chills. I think it is a bad sinus infection. 

See the main problem I have been having is tons of mucus that drips into my stomach (lovely...right?!) and makes me so nauseous and not hungry which leads to these horrible, debilitating headaches...vicious cycle! It also leads to me to throwing up mucus most morning. So I am trying my hardest to keep eating whatever sounds appealing which isn't much and try to kick whatever I have to the curb! 

The hubby has to go up to DE tomorrow for a work related thing that is overnight, and he is taking the car that is reliable (duh). So,that leaves me home alone with Mady for 2 days. The nurse on the phone said the main goal is medicine, rest, and fluids. Ha.Ha.Ha. on the rest aspect. I am just hoping I can survive the next 2 days or at least start to feel better because this whole thing is getting old! I am so tired of having no energy! 

The things we do for our babies, both in the world and in the womb! 

On a more positive note, I will be 14 weeks and 6 days tomorrow so that is always exciting. Also, I'm pretty sure I have felt this little one kick or move around a few times. I love feeling that! We should be finding out the gender soon enough and I am super excited about that. 

Mady has been super cute when I ask her what is in my belly. She loves to hug and kiss it. The other day she wanted to sit on the babies lap. Ha. Silly girl. She also wants the baby to play with her already. Soon enough!

So let's hope the medicine does it's job because I really don't feel like going to the doctor or being sick for much longer!

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