Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Randoms

I feel like being random today instead of tomorrow. I love learning little tidbits and random facts about what is going on in people's everyday life so here we go.

1. We got our state refund money today. Can you say "Thank you Lord!" Really though...perfect timing. (Long story on why it took so stinkin long!)

2. Mady and I are going on day 3 with being inside/no car. Thankfully the last few days have been rainy/major thunderstorms plus the fact that poor girl has some stomach bug. We are getting cabin fever though!! Hopefully the car will be done tomorrow and we can have a fun afternoon out and about!!

3. Last night I finished 4 pages in Mady's scrapbook. (She has for her and one for us...I know...I am crazy!) Anyways, it is just from birth to 1 year. I have one page left in each book to finish and then I am DONE! I know I will be so thankful for these scrapbooks in the future but man they can be a pain in the butt! I doubt if any of my other kiddos get a scrapbook dedicated to just them. Perks of being a first born I guess.

4. I thought it would be a good idea to watch the season finale of criminal minds last night while the hubby was at work. Not my best idea. Anytime there are kids involved and they are in danger, I get super nervous and sad. Then I heard hubby try to open the door and then nothing. I was freaked out! It just so happened the light wasn't on outside and he couldn't find his key hence why it took him so long to unlock the door after the initial try. Gez! Way to scare your wife half to death. Didn't he know I was watching criminal minds!

5. I bought Mady a tunnel a long time ago and left it at my parents. Well, when they came down this past weekend they brought it with them. Mady loves it.

Silly girl
6. We have not been making much progress in operation "get rid of night nights" Since she has gotten sick on Monday, they are her comfort. I can't take them away from a sick little girl so we are back to square one. Lord.Help.Me!

Sweet girl with her "night nights"
7. I hate pictures of myself. I rarely find ones that I actually like. If only Mady didn't have her night night and hand in front of her face, I would truly like this picture!

Best buddies!
 8. I need to stop baking. For real! Yesterday was a horrible day and I ate half of the rice krispie treats I made. And there is another key lime cheesecake in the fridge. I should just let hubby take it all to work!

9.I need to do so much laundry and I hate doing it. I should show you how I have to do my laundry because honestly it is ghetto fabulous!  But hey it beats going to a laundry mat with a crazy 18 month old. It just drives me crazy and usually I do so many loads in one day. *Today is that day...ugh!*

10. Mady and I have been doing puzzles a lot lately. She is really good at them! She puts it where it should go but doesn't always get it to fix just right. It is so cute to watch her little mind work. I love doing puzzles with her!

11. The hubby is helping friends of our move today. I miss him. It has been a tough week and I can't wait until our fun Monday because oh yeah...he has drill this weekend! So Funday Monday it is!

Happy Thursday!!!

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