Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Breathe and Pray

Those are the only two things that I need to do today. Just breathe and pray. It's all I can honestly manage to do.

If you have read the last few posts you know that things have been not the best around here. The stupid car situation along with other things have just made for a miserable week.

Here is the latest in the car saga. So, my sweet husband called this morning to see if our car was ready since he needs it for his weekend because he has drill. (You need military tags on your car to get on base)


We have been carless for 3 whole days for NO REASON!

When he originally talked to the mechanic on Wednesday, Matt told him that he wanted to talk to me before saying yes to getting the work done on the car. After much talking and crying (because he told us if would cost a 1,000 dollars!!!), we both agreed to get the work done. He called back and told them to go ahead. Well, whoever took the message NEVER relayed it to the guy who actually does the work!

So, a wonderful new friend of ours, Andrea, took Matt to go pick it up. And while he was there the guy decided to be a total you-know-what to Matt! He charged him 119 dollars to run the check engine test thingy. Matt was furious and explained to the man that it was their fault that he was picking the car up without any work done on it. 

Then after he picked up the car, the guy told him that the total for the repairs (if we had them done) would have been 1,500!!!! OK that is not 1000 or close to it. So in the long run I am somewhat happy that they didn't fix it because we would have been furious.

However, they said the car needed 2 quarts of oil and check engine light. So we have no idea if this guy was just trying to screw us over and out of 1,500 dollars or what.

We are going to take a few days and see what happens and talk all of our options through. It just has been so unbelievably stressful and tiring.

I hate cars.

Do we get a new car? Do we get this one fixed? We don't know.

In lighter news, Mady and I headed to Michaels today to get some glue dots so I can finish her scrapbook and we picked up a big roll of paper, crayons, and sticker books. She was so excited! I think she liked to stand and crinkle the paper more than anything else. She also thinks every color is "bue" aka blue. However it did occupied her for a good 15 minutes! That is forever in goob time! YAY for a new activity.

And of course I have to show you a few picture of her and her finished product!

Hard at work

Ta-Da! or "Da" as Mady says!

So yeah...its been a long week! I wish I had this weekend to look forward to but the Navy has kidnapped my husband.

Just have to keep breathing and praying....and crafting!

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  1. Whew! Im with you girl.. breathe and pray! Thats a sucky situation. Hope it gets better :(


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