Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Part 1

I don't even know where to begin putting into words how absolutely fantastic this weekend was. I had all of my favorite people together. It went by way too fast! (This is going to be very long post with a lot of pictures...just to warn you)

My parents and brother knocked on our door around 1 pm on Friday and that's when all the fun began! Oh my goodness Mady was so excited to see them. It made my heart so happy to see them all together. At one point, my mom had to run out to the car to grab something and Mady started crying for Nana. It was like that all weekend. Mama who?!

Friday was a low key afternoon since they just drove 6 hours. We sat around and talked for a little while then decided to head to the park to show them one of Mady's favorite places.

This girl wastes no time!

Posing for Nana

Best Buds

Uncle T!

Love my dad!
It was such a beautiful day! We spent time drawing in the dirt, side walk chalk, on the playground, and just exploring. Nana was chasing her around everywhere. I don't think she minded one bit.

We went back and had chicken cutlets and corn on the cob for dinner. Then just hung out the rest of the night and made plans for the next day. Next up the zoo and the beach!

The next day was beautiful! Sunny and the 80 degrees! Mady asked for Nana, Pop Pop and T until they got to our apartment around 9:30. This girl was so excited. We got our stuff ready and it was time to head to the Zoo!

We had never been there before and it was beautiful! (we did have to drive through some shady areas to get there...) Mady was a little afraid of the animals and was really more interested in walking around and being free from the stroller! Every animal was "gerge" (curious george) to her. It was still a great time! We were there for about an hour and half, the perfect amount of time for an 18 month old. *Picture overload!*

Family pic! YAY!

My lovies!

This little guy was hanging in the tree right above us. So cute

Walking with her buddies

Nana showing her the bears


Love him

Snack time

This giraffe was sooo close. It was really neat.

Me and My Momma!

Handsome man

Holding Pop Pop hand.!

Photo shoot time!

Showing Nana how she smells the flowers
It was such a fun afternoon.

Part 2 to come tomorrow! (Contain your excitement!)

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! Special mother's day to my momma and momma in law! Love you both!

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  1. Melt. my. heart! What a fun time! So sweet that Mady loves her grandparents! And I love the family pictures.. yall are too cute :)

    Ps.. we went to the zoo in Dallas this past year and they let you feed the giraffe lettuce! Ill have to post pictures.. it was crazy!


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