Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beach Baby!

Mady finally went down for a nap so I finally have a chance to blog. I wanted to make sure I wrote about our awesome morning today!!

We decided to head to the beach! It was a last minute, quick decisions. Sometimes they turn out to be the best kind! We quickly got ready and headed to the little beach that is on the military base near us (technically it is the bay...but it works!)

Mady is completely a beach baby. We were there for about an hour and the sun was starting to getting intense so we decided to get going. This girl was not having it. She loved everything about the beach. The sun, the sand, the water. She would literally sit her little but in the water and let the waves splash over her. (Thank goodness the hubby likes the not so much...I'm a pool girl)

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. It was such a fun and unexpected morning. =)

All ready with her shovel and bucket!

She isn't actually upset here.

Love this picture

Fun in the sun!

He didn't really want me to take his picture. Good sport though!

She kept trying to wipe the sand off her feet. Silly girl

Kept her entertained for a good 15 minutes!

This is where they spent the majority at the time

Sitting in the water!


and again...
It really was such a fun morning with these two wonderful people! YAY for beach days!

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  1. Yay for beach days!! Looks like Mady girl had so much fun! Awww :)


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