Friday, March 9, 2012

A few reasons why...

I thought I would share a few reasons why I wanted to start this blog.

* I want to be able to remember things from our everyday life. It is so easy to forget the little things and I hope this blog will help remember those.

*My Mady is growing up too fast! I hope to post on here about her often! She is already 16 months old. She is such a little girl weighing in at 20.6 oz (weight from the Dr. yesterday). She talks like crazy and has her dad and I under her "spell." She is such an amazing little girl and I feel truly blessed to be called her momma.

*We moved away from family and friend in the middle of January so I felt this is a neat way for them to keep up with what is going on with us.

* This will be an outlet to share what is on my heart and mind.

Ok, now it is time to spend the day with the hubby and little girl. Please keep Mady in your prayers. She has had a really high fever for the past 24 hrs. Took her to the Dr yesterday and nothing seems to be wrong but the fever but still makes this momma nervous! Maybe a trip to Target will be the cure....usually works for me! =)

xoxo Meg

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