Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Fun!

The hubby has a 3 day weekend...wahoo!! Tomorrow he starts a new schedule and we start a new routine. I am so thankful we were able to spend the last 2 day and today together before new craziness starts! Thank you Lord.

We had a busy and fun filled weekend. Our friend, Nick, came down this weekend to hang out with us. He got here very late on Friday night so Mady didn't get a chance to see him until the morning. Poor Nick is not used to waking up before 7 on a weekend morning...such is the life with a toddler! He was such a good sport though! Mady was very hesitant at first, like usual, but give that girl some time and she will become your best friend!

Real fast, Friday night Mady was playing in the cabinet while I was trying to get something out of it and she fell into the fryer. OH...the funniest thing!

Crazy Girl. (Ignore the crazy hair...we were getting ready for a bath)
Saturday morning it was beautiful here. We decided we would take Nick to Waffletown USA for breakfast. Yummo! Here is Mady trying to decide what she would like to breakfast...

So many yummy choices!
After our yummy breakfast we decided to head home to pack some stuff for the beach! Let me tell you...I will never go to the beach with Mady by myself...C-R-A-Z-Y! Matt and Nick went to go buy a football and left me to tend to the goob by myself. She decided she wanted to play with every other child's toys and then chase the birds that were in the full force into the ocean!

Being guarded by Daddy after he rescued me from chasing her everywhere!

The gnats were so bad, we ended up only staying for 20 minutes! They were horrible and Mady was getting super annoyed at them. I think I found 3 in her hair and one in her eye. We went back showered, ate a yummy lunch, and Mady took a nap.

Nick went with my crazy husband to buy a gun and the girls headed to no other place but....Target. We wandered around for a little bit. When it was time to leave, it was pouring rain! No fun. Dinner was a yummy meal of taco pasta and homemade mounds bars for dessert.

After Mady went to bed, the 3 of us watched the Lincoln good! Nick and Matt went out for a few drinks afterwards and this girl headed to bed! (Started reading the hunger games...of good!)

Sunday really just consisted of laying around and hanging out since it was rainy and cold. Nick left around 12 and I think Mady was sad to see him go. They become best buds. (It was so cute!)

Mady's new thing this weekend has been she now calls me Mommy. So cute. We were in the commissary on Sunday getting a few things,  and all I hear in the next aisle is Mommyyyyyy, Mommmyyyyyyyyy! =)

And of course...Sunday night Mad Men started! YAY! (Too bad I only made it to 10 o'clock. Good thing for on demand!)  

Looking forward to a relaxing but fun day today with my favorites! Happy Monday!

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