Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Disaster of Epic Proportion!

Wow 2 posts in 1 day...what a day! Today was Matt's police academy graduation and I was beyond excited for him. However, I was a little nervous about taking Mady to this. We don't have family in the area and being that the graduation was on a Wednesday, our family members couldn't make it. Therefore, it left me to tend to the goob all by myself.

Let's just say it didn't start off good. Matt told me that our names were on an access list and that all I needed to do was go to the gate and show my ID. Easy right? Nope! I get to the gate and this young lady tells me she doesn't have a list and that I need to go to the pass and ID office and get a one day pass. Mind you this wouldn't have been that big of an issue but it was pouring rain! I had to turn around and get Mady out of the car and run into the office to get that stinkin pass! UGH! Finally, we make it to where graduation is going to be!

Graduation finally starts and Mady is sitting in her stroller. I brought everything under the sun including snacks, drinks, both night nights (blankie/paci), baby, bowl for her snacks, books...EVERYTHING. Nothing worked. She just wanted to get down. She started dancing in her stroller while they played the star spangled banner. Too funny. I got her to sit in her stroller until it was our turn to go up and pin Matt's badge on him. I knew once I took her out of the stroller all bets were off and I was right!

Attempting to keep her occupied!

I took her into the front hall way of the theater. She played with some other kiddos for awhile but then started to get into everything! I had to tell her no several times which led to many meltdowns and high pitched screaming! I was so embarrassed! I finally took her outside and she laid on my shoulder for a few minutes. Finally, after 2 hours graduation was over! THANK GOD! BUT....I missed all of it. I was so upset.

We saw Matt for a few minutes and then he had to go to a quick meeting. Mady, at this point, was beyond tired and so cranky! I decided we were going to leave. I was so upset. I cried as I walked to the car. I knew Matt understood but honestly, I wanted to be there for him and meet all of his fellow graduates! I got Mady in the car and in about 2 seconds she was asleep. I quickly decided I was going to turn around and go back. I knew I would just be so upset at home (plus I didn't know what I was going to give the girl for lunch! haha). Mady slept on Matt and I for about 45 minutes....PRAISE JESUS! We were able to chat and eat a quick lunch of fried chicken, rolls, mashed potatoes, etc. She woke up and ate a little bit then decided it was probably a good time to head home.

Sleeping on Dada...Thank God!

I don't think I have ever been so tired than I am right now. It has been a LONG day and it is only 1:40. We will have more celebrations tonight with the hubby! I am so proud of him and everything he has done. Hopefully Mady will be in a better, more celebratory mood tonight!

Handsome Hubby!

Only family picture I got!

Oh the days of being a mom are never dull!

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