Friday, September 21, 2012

What I am looking forward to this Fall!

Since tomorrow is the first day of fall (even though it will be 85 here...ugh!), I thought I would write a list of the things I am most excited for this fall!

1. Pumpkin/Apple Picking! I think this is the one thing I am most excited about. Like overly excited, jump up and down excited! I took Mady last year to do both. Matt was still deployed during these lovely fall months so I am excited for him to get to do these little activities he missed out on last year. Plus, Mady is at such a fun age that I know she will have a blast. I think I am a little too excited though!! =)

 Apple Picking Sept 2011

1st hayride and pumpkin patch. October 2011

2. Sunday Afternoons involving football, yummy food/dessert, and family time. Years past, when we lived near by parents, we would almost always go over their house for family, food and football. I loved it. But since we live a little too far away to make it a weekly thing, I am excited to do the same thing with my little family. I look forward to Sunday's in the Fall so much because I love all 3 of those things mentioned above.
Go Eagles! October 2011

3. Delicious food! I have already made my first pumpkin pie and it was delicious! I'm looking forward to soups, chicken pot pie, stews, pies, apple cider donuts, and apple crisp. So yummy! (I have pictures on my phone of some of the stuff I made recently but I am too lazy to upload them on the computer)

4.Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mady's birthday, and My birthday! Yes, I know, poor hubby. I love holidays and I love traditions. They make me smile! So many more memories to make! (and let's be honest, pictures to take!)

 Isn't that the cutest pumpkin you ever did see?!

1st birthday. November 2, 2011

5. Decorating for Fall. I love making my home feel all fall-ish and cozy. Pumpkins, candy corns, pops of oranges, red, and yellow. Love it! Unfortunately, with little curious hands, I have to watch what I can put out because someone will play with them/break them. Plus, I love burning all of my fall candles.

I absolutely love Fall! I'm sure you couldn't tell from this post!

What is your favorite thing about Fall?!

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