Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Much about nothing

*Not a whole lot going on around these parts. Still feeling pretty sick and my lack of sleep have left me in a pretty cranky mood lately. Poor hubby. I hope things start on the upward trend soon because I am over this part of the pregnancy. I am not one who really enjoys the whole being pregnant thing. And I already have a belly...what?! I'm only 9 and 1/2 weeks. 

*When Mady wakes up every morning we have to plug in the Christmas tree lights. I think those darn lights aren't going to make it until Christmas. We have them on all the time. 

*Speaking of Christmas Tree's, funny story about our old one. Matt and I bought it when we first got married so we have to used it every year besides last year when it sat in storage so when we went to put it together this year we were missing 2 of the 4 pieces for the bottom. Well, we already told Mady we were going to put it up and she was so excited so we tried to put the tree up just on the 2 legs. Kinda lopsided but my mom found the last 2 pieces at her house so she sent them to us but the stupid tree was still not standing right. Then one morning Mady decided to try to move an ornament and the whole darn tree fell over and broke...at 6 in the morning. Tree pieces everywhere, lights, ornaments...ugh. Mady cried. She was so sad. So what did momma do? We headed to Target in our pj's to get another tree! Thank goodness they were still having their black Friday sale so we got a decent price. Win-Win.

*Stupid blogger is telling my I am out of storage for pictures hence the lack of pictures in this post. I'll have to look into it later. Grrr

*I love when Mady refers to herself as "me mady" So cute.

*My house needs a major, desperate deep cleaning. I have felt so crummy lately that nothing has gotten done. I need to clean the bathroom, wash the kitchen floor, do laundry, vacuum, and dust to name a few. Ugh. I need my energy to come back asap!

*Mady and I were watching Elf the other night and my poor child cried when Buddy the Elf floated away on the iceburg to go to NYC. I felt so bad! She was seriously so sad he left. She kept saying "Don't cry, don't cry" and had tears streaming down her face. Poor girl. However, we have now watched Elf about 5 times since the other day. She has not been scared for life!

*I think I might attempt to bake some Christmas cookies today. Usually, by now, I have made at least a few. I have falling behind this year but it could be because I cannot stand the sight of food or standing for a long period of time. I have some energy to day so I will see what we can get accomplished!

*I cannot wait for my Old Navy order to get here so I have some maternity jeans to wear! It is kind of hard to dress yourself when all you can wear is sweatpants or leggings and when those said pieces are in the laundry basket to be washed...dilemma. Good thing Mady and I have no plans today.

*I think every bullet in this post is about pregnancy or Christmas. I guess those are the only two exciting things going on in my life right now. Haha!

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