Saturday, December 1, 2012

It was a good morning

I needed yesterday morning. I needed it really badly. 

Mady and I had a mommy daughter date to Panera. 

Things have been really tough with Madelyn lately. To the point the other day I was crying to Matt that I didn't like my child right now. She doesn't listen to me. Runs away from me and laughs when I am trying to get her dressed or change her diaper. On top of the fact that I have been feeling horrible so my patience level has been at a zero.

So yesterday I got myself ready, actually put on make-up, blow dried by hair, and put on clothes other than my husband's sweatpants.

We headed to Panera because bagels right now are my go to meal if I'm really hungry (which I am almost all the time...ugh!) and recently I found out how much Mady loves bagels too.

Oh and she had to bring her own purse into Panera with us and I cannot tell you the amount of comments we received. It was seriously so cute.

We both ordered plain bagels with cream cheese, water for me, and apple juice for goobie girl.
And we sat and ate and chatted about all the Christmas stuff she saw in the restaurant. It made my heart smile.

It was such a fun morning. She was so well-behaved and had all the cute old ladies just giddy over her. It was a morning I definitely needed. Fun times. Good food. My awesome daughter. Actually feeling human. Special memories.

*I would upload pictures right now but stupid blogger isn't letting me*

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  1. That sounds super sweet! Hang in there mama it will get bettet :)


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