Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Special day

I had every intention of writing yesterday after our doctors appointment but needless to say that didn't happen. Feeling so sick, major headache, and in bed by 8:30 definitely contributed to no post yesterday.


My appointment was at 1 yesterday afternoon and my stomach was in knots all day waiting for the appointment. I could not relax for the life of me. I tried laying down, reading a book, watching TV. I let my hubby take care of Mady yesterday. We took a trip to Target...anything to get my mind off the appointment. Ugh. 

Finally it was time to leave and a complete sense of peace came over me. I knew people were praying because I could feel it. I got to the doctors and just knew everything was going to be ok. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long and the ultrasound tech came to get us. As soon as she put that wand on my belly and I saw my baby, I just smiled. Then I saw the little flicker on the screen...there was his/her heart beat. Everything measured exactly accurate to my due date and the little peanut looked great! I held Matts hand the whole time and just kept squeezing it because I was just so excited and relieved. 

Then we had to wait a little while to see the doctor which was amazing! My experience with Mady's doctors were horrible. No personality, no bed side manner, nothing. I felt stupid asking questions and this time around I had no problem voicing my concerns and she was wonderful in answering all my questions. 

Matt and I decided to have a repeat C-section for a few reasons and the doctor agreed completely. I was thankful we were on the same page. They take repeat C-section patients at 39 weeks so this little babe will be born at the end of June which to be honest I am very thankful for. Because this little ones due date is our wedding anniversary and I really did not want to share that day. Just being real....haha.

So all in all yesterday was a great day! Of course, they printed us out about 10 pictures but I am too lazy to post them this morning. They are hanging nicely on our refrigerator where Mady's little curious hands cannot get to them.

So thank you to everyone who prayed for Matt, I and the baby yesterday. Your prayers were definitely felt. 

Now today can be a great day celebrating my birthday!


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