Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life Lately

Figured it was time for another photo dump kind of post.

Mostly of Mady...of course.

 This was taken the day of the Hurricane. I had put on my boots to go check on our cars so when I got back upstairs someone else had to have a try. This picture just makes me laugh because the boot literally takes up her whole leg.

 Cuddling with Daddy watching something.

 My precious cupcake...picking her nose. Gotta love it. =)

 Mommy took the front of her crib off to convert it into a big girl bed. Mady decided she needed to bring all her toys in there. Thankfully she has transitioned really well! The first night was rough more so because she was afraid of the dark but once we got her a night light she has had no issues. She hasn't fallen out or really gotten out of her bed by herself. When she wakes up she still calls one of us to come get her. We just need to work on the 4:30 am wake up time. Ugh.

 Love driving the beep beep. 

 I decorated a little bit for her birthday. So this is what she woke up to and her response was "Happy Party!"

This picture was from our sickie day. She had just thrown up so I made her sit on a towel just in case she had to throw up again. Lots of cuddles and TV watching happened this day. SO glad she is feeling better.

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