Thursday, August 9, 2012

A New Season

Things have just been a little hectic around here and I am ready for it to be over. I have had the most horrible headaches the past 2 weeks. Like, make me nauseous, have no energy to do anything, headaches. I don't know if it is from stress or something else (no not pregnant). I just know I am ready for a new many different areas of my life.

This apartment, the one we are moving out of in 1 day!, has so much negativity attached to it. There have been so many problems with this place. I have gone through, what I believe, is a depression here. Depression from moving away from family, and learning about a whole new place. I was not excited to move here and I am still struggling. We've been here for 9 months.

I am hoping a new apartment, new atmosphere will help me. Trust me, I know that our issues and problems follow us and that we cannot run away from them but I am hoping new scenery will help with my mood. New attitude.

I am ready for Fall. This summer has been a killer! So many hot, humid, gross days. I am ready for crispy fall days where you can wear a pair of jeans, and a long sleeve shirt, have pot roast for dinner and apple crisp for dessert. Fall candles burning. So ready! Plus, so many exciting things to look forward to in our family.It is my most favorite season!

Possible new job opportunity...all I can say.

New season with Mady. Lately, with moving, our DVD player has been on non stop. For reals. I need to pack and get stuff done and it is just easier to throw a movie on so I can think for a second without a toddler at my legs wanting to do what I am doing. You also have to understand the lay out of our current apartment. It is basically one big room with our couches, kitchen table, TV, desk. So it is hard for us to play without the TV on. Plus, I have to have noise in the background. It drives me crazy when it is so quiet. And I think I have passed that along to Mady. We will have a movie or DVD on in the background, while she plays with her babies or reads books but if the TV isn't on, its just weird, for both of us.

In the new apartment it is a single floor layout, which I am actually excited about. It means she can play in her room and throughout the living room without being confined to one room. I want to make her room, somewhat of a play room, but I also want her to understand that when she goes in there to sleep, that it is not time to play as well. We will see how it goes. I am excited to hopefully go to a story hour with her in the fall and just do some new activities. She is getting so big and more independent which is a double edge sword because it means she is growing up way too fast!

These are just my thoughts. More like ramblings but I feel better after writing this.

Off to finish some more packing! If you think of my family over the next few days, just pray that the move goes smoothly for all involved. Thank you!

Happy Thursday! =)

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