Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Mady is growing and changing so much. I cannot believe she will be two in a few short months! I mean it's already August 15th...say what?! 

I wanted to remember some of the funny and crazy things she has been saying/doing lately.

-Today she spilled her crackers on the couch and said "aw man!'

-I told her today to go get her shoes and bring them to me so instead of getting the shoes, she proceeded to "hide" behind the pillow. I see you other there missy!

-Matt and I visit Dunkin often. Mady now associates Dunkin with chocolate because we usually get her a munchkin.  Now she tells us, "chocolate car" meaning she wants to go in the car to get chocolate. Smart little lady. 

Evidence of a chocolate mess!

-She fell off of her little chair today and hurt herself so I went over and cuddled her for a few minutes. Then I see her do it again and fake cry on purpose. Oh Madelyn.

-She kisses her boo boos all day, multiple times a day. And if you have a boo boo, she will kiss it for you and tell you "all better." Too cute.

-I am trying to get her to say please and thank you. So if she asks for something, I usually say, "Madelyn can you say please" but instead of her actually saying "please" she says uh-huh. This goes on multiple times a day. She will learn one day. 

-She loves talking on the phone and will usually ask to call either, Pop Pop, Nana, Mom-Mom, Jake or eggy (Meggy). She will walk around the room and talk on the phone. It is too funny. 

She's on the phone. Shhhh

-I had to pick up pictures from Walgreens the other day so I sat Mady on the counter while I paid. The lady was handing me the receipt but Mady took it from her and said "Thank you! Buh-bye!" So funny. So cute. 

-She calls Cinderella, Addie. I have no clue.

-She claps after every movie and it is usually accompanied with a YAY!

I am sure there is so many more things but that is all I can think of right now. 

All I have to say is...Time.Slow.Down. Ok.Thanks.


  1. you forgot what she calls her uncle E

  2. haha i love the "ah-man" and also cinderella=addie, maybe that is "pretty" haha she sounds like so much fun!


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