Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moving part dos

Saturday morning Matt and I were up at 6 am, typical, since that is when our lovely daughter usually wakes up. Much doesn't change even when she isn't here.

 Matt had taken off of work this day to finish the move. We still had a lot of stuff at the old apartment so he enlisted the help of some really great, helpful people! I thought Matt had left the U-haul key at the old apartment so we drive there in my car to then realize it was in his backpack in the new place. Ugh. Oh well. Oh, and don't know you, our horrible neighbors were moving out the same day.

They decided that they were going to block off the spot right in front of our apartment for their moving truck. Typical of them.

 We loaded up my car as much as we could and headed back to the new place. I stayed there and unloaded the car and finished the kitchen while Matt and the others finished loading the truck. It took them about an hour. Then about another hour and half to unload. I am thankful that the weather wasn't too hot and there was a decent amount of cloud cover for them. I directed traffic then helped unload the last little bit.

You have to understand something about me. Moving big pieces of furniture = anxious Megan. So while they were unloading the big stuff, I headed to Chick-fil-a to get everyone some lunch. When I got back, everything was finished! We enjoyed our yummy lunch and watched some of the Olympics for a few minutes before the craziness for unpacking started.

We still had to go back to the old apartment to get a few random things and clean up a little bit. I have never been so ready to be done with a place. I vacuumed and Matt loaded the car. We handed in our key and said "buh-bye!" and never looked back! Such a wonderful feeling.

We got home and started sorting through everything and began unpacking.

 Mady's room was the dumping ground for most everything.

Dining Room and lots of boxes

We finally showered! Can you say, ew? and headed to get some dinner. Date night! Applebee's was right around the corner so off we went.

 Love him!

Momma's yummy mudslide. I usually get one once or twice a year. Oh my goodness, soooo delicious!

We headed home and unpacked some more and called it a night.

Sunday morning we slept until 7:30! That is so late for us. And you guessed it more unpacking! We had to run a few errands to grab some stuff and grocery shopping was a must! We stopped at panera for a yummy lunch before we did any of that.

Love me some Panera!

We had to pick Mady up early on Monday morning so we headed to bed after we did some more unpacking, eating dinner and organizing. Oh, and TV watching! because hey we can do that now!

It was such a fun weekend. Like I had said earlier, my parents took Mady last minutes so it was a nice little stay-cation for Matt and I. We were just so thankful for a new house and the chance to spend some time together.

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  1. congrats on the new place! i love your mommy treat and i loooove panera!


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