Friday, August 3, 2012

Picky Eater

Mady has always been a picky eater. When she was a newborn I would get so upset over the amount she was eating because it was never what was "expected." I would call my mom crying and she would reassure me that she would eat when she was hungry. The peditritian never seemed concerned about it either so I finally just let go of it. She just did not have a huge appetite.

Unfortunately, this continued into the baby food and now into the adult food stage. During the baby food stage, it made me feel good to know I knew how much oz she was getting of everything she was eating. However, once we moved onto the table/adult food it was hard for me to gage how much she was getting. It drove me crazy and my worrying started again. But there was nothing I could do. I couldn't force her to eat so I had to let it go.

Mady girl is so stinkin' picky and she will get full fast. She is more of a snacker than a full meal eater. (If that even makes sense. haha) But I am that way too. I snack throughout the day more than eat a full meal.

She will devour all fruits and vegetables. If her plate has chicken, rice, and green beans on it. All the green beans will be gone along with maybe 2 or 3 bites of the chicken or rice. It drives me crazy. Trust me I am so thankful that she loves her fruits and veggies but I worry she is lacking the nutrition other foods will give her. She is definitely a petite girl. She is 21 months old and maybe 22 or 23 lbs.

So the other day she asked for a piece of bread. Plain piece of bread, honey whole wheat bread. So, I gave it to her thinking nothing of it. She ate the whole thing and asked for another. Sure, why not. It honestly made me laugh.

Now she asks for bread all the time! So yesterday when she asked me for a piece I thought I would put some peanut butter and jelly on it. Something new because my child does not eat sandwiches. She poked at it, made a mess of it but didn't eat it. So I obliged and gave her what she wanted. A plain piece of bread.

Whatever works! I have learned that she will ask for something when she is hungry and not to push so much or get frustrated with her. We are both still learning each other together. 

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