Monday, August 20, 2012

Mommy needs a time out!

Remember when you were young and your parent's told you to go to your room because you did something wrong or what not? I also remember telling my parents that they had to go to their room for punishment too, and their answer would always be "OK!" I now understand why they said it with such enthusiasm.

I need a time out. A mommy time out.

Matt has been working a lot lately between his civilian job, the navy, and other responsibilities. I feel like this past week has felt like his previous deployment days. And I sure as heck don't miss those. Long and Lonely.

It has just been me and the little girl, and I must say, for the most part, she has been well-behaved and downright so cute as times but still I am kind of worn out.

 It is mommy 24/7. All meals. All diaper changes. All bumps and bruises. All meltdowns. All bathes. All outfit changes. All playing and reading. All coloring. All me.

And honestly, I think she misses daddy. She kept thinking he was home this morning sleeping, and she kept saying "shhh dada seepin" I so wish buddy.

And I miss him too. SO much. We have not had a dinner together since last week. Mady has not had some daddy time in a long time as well.

SO, hurry home daddy! We miss you!


Mommy needs a time out and Daddy needs some "goobie" time. I know he has missed her so much.

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