Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Lately

Here is a little of what is going on in our house over the last few weeks. Nothing too exciting. Settling back into the everyday routine now with the move over. It definitively feels good to be back on somewhat of a schedule.

Target Shopping. Mady now has an obsession with the "beep beep" carts at the grocery stores. Because lets be honest, it is the only way I can get our shopping done. So, at the Target, she wanted to sit in this thing so I sat with her too and Daddy pushed us around Target. Not the easiest task but he is a great daddy!

I have been feeling really frumpy and crappy lately, so I decided to actually get ready for the day. I actually thought I looked somewhat decent so I took a picture. Haha. Love the mirror shot.

I've been crafting lately. It gives me something to do after Mady goes to bed and before Matt gets home from work. Now I just need a cute fall picture of my baby girl!

Mady loves to lay in our bed now and pretend she is sleeping. 

We have been missing home lately so we decided to sport some Philly team spirit. This is also her "cheese" face. Love her. Now she just needs an Eagles shirt and we are ready for football season! Yay!

Matt gave me some "me" time the other day so I headed to Kohls to walk around for a little bit. I got this message while I was in the store and honestly, I shed a few tears. I love these two more than they know, and I love when they get to spend some fun time together because it doesn't happen too often.

I took Mady to the pool yesterday. It wasn't too hot and kind of cloudy out so crazy me forgot the sunscreen. #momfail! But it was around 4:30 so we just stayed about a half hour and then headed home. Only about a week and half before the pool closes.

I am so excited for Fall but I will miss the care free-ness of the summer days. The pool. The ice cream treats. The flip flops. The late nights out. The long days of sunlight.

But...Fall brings so many opportunities to make special memories! So, bring it on!

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