Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes it is the little things

It has been a tough day in our home today, won't go into details but needless to say we are trusting the Lord and allowing him to work in our lives in whatever ways He sees fit. So, today I just wanted to remind myself of the little things I am thankful for.

1. Our new apartment. This place feels so much more like home than the last place. It is so cozy and I am really enjoying decorating it for fall. And yes, it is already mostly decorated and it is only August 28th but it makes me smile. =)

2. Of course, my hubby and goobie girl. They just make me smile. Mady has been so cuddly lately and constantly wanting me to "pay" (play) and she is finally understanding how to play together. We have had fun "cooook-ing" lately. Matt is just a constant source of enjoyment, and fun, and love. I just really do love him to pieces.

3. The possible opportunity to start subbing again. I still have to get all of my paper work together and submit it (and we all know it will probably take forever) but I am thankful for the opportunity to do something I have always enjoyed, even if it is a few times a week and provide some extra needed income.

4. The new recipes I have made the last few nights. I have always loved baking but I really have enjoyed cooking lately. Sometimes new recipes intimidate me but they have turned out successfully and if Mady likes it, it is a major plus! I have made mini chicken alfredos, honey garlic pork chops and brownie cookies. They all turned out yummmmmy! Thank you pinterest!

5. I am truly thankful that I serve a God that has my best interest in mind even when we wonder "why" during certain trials. I know He has way better plans than Matt and I could ever dream of for yourselves or family. I am learning everyday what it truly means to trust the Lord with my WHOLE heart. It is not easy or pretty at times but He is working in me and I am thankful.

6. For what is to come this Fall season. Many holidays to enjoy, birthdays to celebrate, and memories to be made.

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