Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life through my phone

Mady is taking an early nap, the hubby just left for work, and I am feeling really under the weather. It's kind of cloudy here today and honestly, I hope it rains. It's just that kind of day. is kind of what has been happening around here through my phone.

My mom ordered this book for me. Mady is definitely a strong-willed child. I have read through some of the book and I am truly thankful that she is not as strong willed as some of the children the book talks about. I hope it gives me some good ideas with how to deal with her strong will and discipline her correctly.

Mady got this Little People toy from her grandparents for Christmas. It was originally up in her room so she had something to play with while I was getting stuff done up there but lately its all she plays with. So, I brought it downstairs and it keeps her entertained for quite a while. Too bad they are expensive because I would totally go get her another one!

We bought Mady a potty recently. I just wanted to introduce her to it, sit on it, but we are not attempting to truly potty train right now. She's not ready but definitely showing signs to start soon. She loves sitting there and reading her book. She's too funny. 

This was taken on our disaster day. Mady was so tired so she laid down on her big dog and watched Caillou for a little while.

My parents spent the night with us on Sunday. Mady and Nana are getting ready to watch Up. Love, love, love that movie! 

Mady is OBSESSED with Toy Story 2. She loves Jessie! (or Jessady as Mady referes to her) so at the mall the other day, I bought her a Jessie doll. She goes everywhere with us, even grocery shopping. Mady gets the biggest smile on her face when she sees her. Melts my heart!

Thats a little of whats going on around here. 
Enjoy your Wednesday! 


  1. cute! avrie lights up and giggles at just the mention of her "kangy" stuffed kangaroo, i love it!

  2. Jessady.. haha! I love that baby talk! So stinkin cute!


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