Monday, July 30, 2012

Randoms on a Random Monday

I haven't done a random post in quite a while. Things have been crazy around here and I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write. Here are a few things going on around here.

*Mady officially climbed out of her crib today. I could hear her crying and it sounded louder than normal so I went upstairs to find her sitting on the floor near the door, screaming! I think it just scared her. So, I am praying that this is not a reoccurring habit. Please Lord!

*My parents stayed with us last night. It was so nice. They are headed to Charleston, SC for a few days and decided to stop hear on the way down to break up the drive. Mady just loves her Nana and Papa and I love having them around.

*So we move in about 10 days and I still have so much left to pack but honestly it is all stuff that you kind of have to pack last minute so I am not stressing too much about it. I know it will all get done. I cannot wait to move out of here. I will be so happy to hand back the key and say in the words of Mady, "buh-bye!"

*I really would love to go on a date with my hubby to some yummy dinner and to see the Dark Knight Rises. We have not been on a date in a while. I miss our date nights....

*I am on the hubby's computer so this post will, unfortunately, have no pictures. My computer is being used to stream some of the Olympics so even though we don't have cable, we can watch something. =) Also, I haven't taken many pictures lately expect on the phone.

*I am so beyond ready for fall! It is my favorite season by far! The smells, the chill in the air, the holidays celebrated, the food, my baby turning 2!!! Ah. Too bad we have much of summer left. This heat is killing me though! C'mon fall! We are ready and waiting.

Thats about all I have today. Short and Sweet.

Have a wonderful Monday!!!

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